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2019-07-23mono-docs: Indicate when a class is BETAXavi Artigas1-4/+6
Summary: The mono generator adds a <remarks> section to all BETA classes with an explanatory text. These tags are understood by DocFX and Monodevelop. On top of this, this commit modifies the DocFX template to give the Remarks section a more prominent place in the page. Test Plan: Render docs, Beta classes should have a big blue box with a remark about the class being Beta and dangerous. Reviewers: lauromoura, vitor.sousa Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D9381
2019-07-05docfx: Remove collapsible sectionsXavi Artigas1-3/+1
They didn't render correctly in all cases.
2019-04-23mono-docs: Use full name in page titleXavi Artigas1-2/+0
Reference page titles are now "Class Efl.Ui.Win" instead of "Class Win". And also remove Namespace and Assembly sections. Namespace is redundant since we use fully-qualified names everywhere. Assembly is useless since we build the docs from the source so this entry is always "temp.dll".
2019-04-23mono-docs: Use full name in list of derived classesXavi Artigas1-1/+1
In the EFL API we have several objects with the same name in different namespaces. Thus it is important to use fully-qualified names throughout the docs, to avoid confusion. However, the default DocFX templates prefer using only simple class names. The default templates have already been modified to use full names everywhere except in the list of derived classes in the hierarchy section, where a DocFX bug was hit. This commit is a workaround to that bug (see https://github.com/dotnet/docfx/issues/3769#issuecomment-485616064 ) so full names (with links) are used in the whole hierarchy.
2019-02-11docs: Add custom DocFX templatesXavi Artigas1-0/+98
Summary: These templates add the following features: - Collapsible sections for simpler reading - Full class names in ancestors list (Could not make it work for descendants) - Removed duplicated Implements section - Removed huge Inherited Members section - Extended maximum number of hierarchy levels from 5 to 10 (because our hierarchy is really that big) Test Plan: Follow the doc/docfx README to generate the HTML pages and enjoy the improved and slightly-more-usable docs. Reviewers: lauromoura, bu5hm4n, zmike, cedric Reviewed By: lauromoura Subscribers: #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D7832