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4 dayselocation: remove beta libraryStefan Schmidt
This has never been fully finished or really used. The GeoClue project dbus API moved on to a newer version as well. We still have it marked as beta so we should take the chance and get rid of it to cleanup our tree a little bit. Reviewed-by: Chris Michael <> Reviewed-by: Vincent Torri <> Differential Revision:
2019-01-28docs: Fix assorted typos in legacy documentationXavi Artigas
Samsung reported a long list of typos in our legacy docs, this fixes them.
2017-10-24doc: enable elementary_examples buildingThiep Ha
The elementary examples were built before, but not now. I guess it was missed when we merged elementary to efl source tree. This enables it and fixes some references.
2016-03-23elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location.Cedric BAIL