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2019-07-24build - remove old .mk files that were for autofoo not mesonCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-03-24elementary: initial compilation of the library only.Cedric BAIL
2014-02-21documentation style cleanup for releaseCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this cleans up the doxygen generated docs to be acceptable for a release - style is changed and unused images removed etc.
2013-12-09fix seb "fix" commit that causes lots of segvs.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this fixes 04e0a6d95ec5610e35febbbb9b1be1a361f177ae which introduced copy & paste segv's by properly terminating the right buffer.
2013-12-07eldbus: Check return value of _type_sizeSebastian Dransfeld
_type_size could return 0, which would fail in the modulo call next. Check for 0, and return. Fixes CID 1039436
2013-12-04yet another useless change...Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-11-29update images.mkCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-11-28doc: add missing imagesJerome Pinot
The edje-nested.{png,eps} files were missing in the doc tree. I regenerated them using the sample code from tutorial_edje_nested.html
2013-11-18doc: Use correct line break to fix buildStefan Schmidt
Escaping the backslash we want to use for a line break is a really bad idea. Introduced in f126afbba21af39c493f21424b653bb5c2e0d58f to support a crippled echo without new line option. The linebreak was not detected and thus the first image name used as a target. Broke our nightly efl build with make distcheck and made me really unhappy to while searching for the cause.
2013-11-16doc - update images.mkCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-06-09update images.mkCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-06-07update pkgbuildCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-06-06update Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-06-05efl: actually test and make pkgbuild work.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-03-26filter ~ from and restore it to not have ~ files.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-03-25update doc styling to match e.orgCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-02-15efl/doc: Remove all .svn entries from the generated file.Stefan Schmidt
This is now longer needed now that we switched to git. And it should also silent all the file modified problems. The next time this file is listed as modified you should either have done it yourself or added an image in the efl docs img folder.
2013-01-29Efl: revert committing that damned Hacohen
SVN revision: 83448
2013-01-29Eo dbg: Use eina_value as the debug info type.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 83443
2013-01-29MINOR feature... not worth changelogging - add send event flag toCarsten Haitzler
ecore-x-hide event. SVN revision: 83418
2013-01-24efl/doc/ Lets not have all kind of images from .svn in here.Stefan Schmidt
This breaks out of tree builds (buildbot) as well as setups without .svn dirs (git-svn). The newly generated list should include all files but drops all the entries from .svn. SVN revision: 83302
2013-01-23Revert changes to the generated fileStefan Schmidt
SVN revision: 83148
2013-01-23efl/ecore_x: Fix leak of data.Stefan Schmidt
If we fail we still have the malloced data. Free it in this case. Bot commit for devilhors. SVN revision: 83135
2013-01-22at least for me.. somehting keeps changing .. because itCarsten Haitzler
has to olittle stuff in it... i am not sure this shoul dbe in svn? SVN revision: 83111
2013-01-12remove warning about gnu extension.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
this should also help notify when incorrect images where added to the directory and so on. SVN revision: 82690