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2006-01-05Oops, forgot to commit this.David Walter Seikel
2006-01-04Updated to reflect API change.David Walter Seikel
2006-01-02Forgot to commit this yesterday, but it's just trivial formatting.David Walter Seikel
2006-01-01Doh! Should double the reported throughput, since it measures the bytes inDavid Walter Seikel
2006-01-01* More accurate throughput tests by removing most of the overhead.David Walter Seikel
2005-12-30* Should now shut down properly when all exe's finish.David Walter Seikel
2005-12-16The line dancing craze spreads it's evil tenticles.David Walter Seikel
2005-12-11exe pipe example and other exe (no pipe) example. :)Carsten Haitzler