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2011-11-20ecore: don't build binary if not requested.Cedric BAIL
2011-07-18ecore: Make test more assertyMike McCormack
2011-07-18ecore: Use ecore_pipe in ecore_testMike McCormack
2011-07-18ecore: Put config.h firstMike McCormack
2011-07-12ecore: Make g_main_loop call idle enterers lastMike McCormack
2011-07-08ecore: Fix unused variable warningsMike McCormack
2011-07-08ecore: Add test for timers created from idlersMike McCormack
2011-07-08ecore: Add a main loop testMike McCormack
2011-06-12remove .cvsignore filesBoris Faure
2010-08-21Convert (hopefully) all comparisons to NULLLucas De Marchi
2010-07-12fix flags/libs used.Carsten Haitzler
2010-07-11more correct dso fix.Carsten Haitzler
2010-01-26Remove Ecore_DataSebastian Dransfeld
2009-12-21 * ecore: Use eina_log.Cedric BAIL
2008-10-15Remove ecore_strings and switch to eina_stringshare.Cedric BAIL
2007-11-04autostuff improvements:doursse
2007-09-20Fix build inside scratchboxGustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2007-08-17Fix build on systems that don't use .so as the shared library extension.ningerso
2007-07-17compile ecore_config program only if ecore_config is availabledoursse
2007-07-16cedric's SDL egnine patch - finally.Carsten Haitzler
2006-11-05Add some static's.Kim Woelders
2006-10-28too zealous - ecore_config needs to come backCarsten Haitzler
2006-10-28remove test/example stuffCarsten Haitzler
2006-10-21patches (see devel list) :)Carsten Haitzler
2006-10-09pass make distcheck.Carsten Haitzler
2006-09-29missed thisrephorm
2006-09-29Let it compile again.David Walter Seikel
2006-09-29support arrays (via a more general marshal function)rephorm
2006-09-27small cleanupsrephorm
2006-09-27add quick test of object/method APIrephorm
2006-09-24missed a few filesrephorm
2006-09-24Add abstract socket namespace support to ecore_con.rephorm
2006-09-06Don't use internal functions!sebastid
2006-08-20bad free. bad!Carsten Haitzler
2006-07-31Ecore_Fb changes:Jorge Luis Zapata Muga
2006-07-27ignore hal binsebastid
2006-07-27- Check if the return type of the error message is stringsebastid
2006-07-27Add error callbacksebastid
2006-07-27Use callbacks for method return, not eventssebastid
2006-07-27Add one event type for each type of messagesebastid
2006-07-26More DBus work. Should soon be able to interact with haldaemon.sebastid
2006-07-26Update the event structure for DBus.sebastid
2006-07-25Update for lates ecore_dbus changes.sebastid
2006-07-25Trap known messagessebastid
2006-07-25Big ecore_dbus overhaulsebastid
2006-07-21Add a main func when DBUS is disabledsebastid
2006-07-20Beginning of dbus testing. DBus needs a lot of love.sebastid
2006-07-13make other core efl things do the same package thingCarsten Haitzler
2006-05-31Add missing argsebastid