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2010-08-04FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi
* Remove vim modelines: find . -name '*.[chx]' -exec sed -i '/\/\*$/ {N;N;/ \* vim:ts/d}' \{\} \; find . -name '*.[chx]' -exec sed -i '/\/[\*\/] *vim:/d' \{\} \; * Remove leading blank lines: find . -name '*.[cxh]' -exec sed -i '/./,$!d' If you use vim, use this in your .vimrc: set ts=8 sw=3 sts=8 expandtab cino=>5n-3f0^-2{2(0W1st0 SVN revision: 50816
2010-07-09Move Ecore.h (and associated headers) to own dir.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 50142
2010-05-29add ecore versioningCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 49271
2010-01-22fix warningsVincent Torri
patch by Albin Tonnerre SVN revision: 45433
2009-04-17lutin... release soname patch. verbose svn soname used right nowCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 40131
2009-03-13 * update so that default options are chosen according to the hostVincent Torri
* fix requirements * fix configuration on mac os x (problem with automake 1.9) and add missing values/macro for quartz support * small typo in ecore_evas_win32 api * use m4 api in m4 files SVN revision: 39471
2008-11-02autotools fixesVincent Torri
* remove useless _DEPENDENCIES variables * remove useless files in EXTRA_DIST * use -no-undefied directly * add some flags when the host is windows ce make distcheck succeeds on my computer next step will be to fix the horrible mess in Ecore.h and ecore_private.h SVN revision: 37406
2008-10-13Make ecore depend on eina. No change in the code yet, so just fix your build ↵Cedric BAIL
system and no bug must show up. SVN revision: 36622
2008-05-26integration of evil in ecore. It's compiling on windows and my ubuntu. The ↵doursse
commit is big, please report any problem SVN revision: 34671
2007-12-12create shared lib on windowsdoursse
SVN revision: 33113
2007-11-22Need ecore for Ecore_Data.hSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 32819
2007-11-21Added Ecore_IMF_Evas.andrunko
Removed Evas dependency from Ecore_IMF, that was requested by Ewl developers in order to be able to integrate Ecore_IMF on it. Added Ecore_IMF_Evas, a library with helper functions to use Ecore_IMF together with Evas. Now everybody should be happy. SVN revision: 32812