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2012-12-02merge: add escape ecore, fix several bugsVincent Torri
2012-11-23Ecore: fix alloca declarationVincent Torri
2012-11-23ecore, eio : revert alloca commits (and other solaris math commits, i know)Vincent Torri
2012-11-23ecore: allocaSebastian Dransfeld
2012-09-21Ecore_X: Fix more randr functions. Properly return output Modes fromChristopher Michael
2012-09-11Ecore_X: Fix more memcpy madness causing problems in randr. This fixesChristopher Michael
2012-09-10Ecore_X: Actually, we can still retrieve crtcs without returning CountChristopher Michael
2012-09-10Ecore_X (randr): Correctly list crtcs also (same fix as outputs).Christopher Michael
2012-09-07Ecore_X (RandR): Fix long outstanding randr bug which causedChristopher Michael
2012-08-30Ecore_X: We can still get output resources even if 'num' is not passedChristopher Michael
2012-08-30Ecore_X: Formatting.Christopher Michael
2012-05-30ecore_x_randr: Add _ASK policy for new monitors.Leif Middelschulte
2012-05-13fix randr segv's waiting to happen. bad mem managment :(Carsten Haitzler
2012-04-23Cleanup Doxygen Warnings - ecore 4Jonas M. Gastal
2012-04-12From: Jérôme Pinot <>Jérôme Pinot
2012-04-12From: Jérôme Pinot <>Jérôme Pinot
2012-03-13Do not cut off \0 anymore.Leif Middelschulte
2012-02-24lets not deprecate stable 1.0 api's just yet shall we? maybe wait aCarsten Haitzler
2012-02-23depricated -> deprecatedLeif Middelschulte
2012-02-23Fix misspellingLeif Middelschulte
2012-02-23Now, also compile.Leif Middelschulte
2012-02-23Improve implementation of ecore_x_randr_window_crtcs_getLeif Middelschulte
2012-02-23Add NEWS, @since to source, and alter ChangeLog.Leif Middelschulte
2012-02-23Deprecate ecore_x_randr_current_crtc_get,Leif Middelschulte
2012-02-23Implement ecore_x_randr_current_crtc_getLeif Middelschulte
2012-02-16Add mode add/del functions to ecore_x_randrLeif Middelschulte
2012-01-17ecore - Various patches in ecore's docGuillaume Friloux
2011-12-07let's not fail to include standard headers when we need things like..Carsten Haitzler
2011-12-06Ecore: fix warningsVincent Torri
2011-12-03in 2011, we began using formatting tools to fix problematic formatting.Mike Blumenkrantz
2011-12-03+ecore_x_randr_output_backlight_available() from Term <>Mike Blumenkrantz
2011-11-18my name is Leif Middelschulte and I leave my debug printfs in my code FOREVERMike Blumenkrantz
2011-10-21ecrustify on ecore-x.Carsten Haitzler
2011-08-18ecore: Fix shadow warningsSebastian Dransfeld
2011-06-12hmm not much testing of these ecore_x calls with backlight... at leastCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20Ecore: Removed trailing whitespaces.Daniel Juyung Seo
2011-04-09From: Leif Middelschulte <>Leif Middelschulte
2011-04-06Ecore_X: Randr: Fixup formatting.Christopher Michael
2011-02-19From: Mathieu Taillefumier <>Mathieu Taillefumier
2011-01-28Use memcpy instead of strndup() as we know the length of the string.Vincent Torri
2011-01-14fix possible ptr deref bug waiting to happen if crtc_info is null.Carsten Haitzler
2011-01-14avoid null derefMike Blumenkrantz
2010-10-15Attempting to track a bug in ecore_x_randr_12 where we get a segfaultChristopher Michael
2010-09-29As requested by T_UNIX, remove the mention of any git hash in the comment, as...Iván Briano
2010-09-20This is the Doxygen Police! If you committed any of these lines, accept your ...Mike Blumenkrantz
2010-09-20T_UNIX I AM GUESSING THIS WAS YOU!Mike Blumenkrantz
2010-09-19warning--Carsten Haitzler
2010-09-08Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2010-08-28leak--Carsten Haitzler
2010-08-21Convert (hopefully) all comparisons to NULLLucas De Marchi