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2012-12-03ecore: is now IN-EFL.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 80004
2012-12-02merge: add escape ecore, fix several bugsVincent Torri
SVN revision: 79995
2012-11-25Ecore: __UNUSED__ --> EINA_UNUSEDVincent Torri
SVN revision: 79649
2012-11-23Ecore: fix alloca declarationVincent Torri
SVN revision: 79613
2012-11-23ecore, eio : revert alloca commits (and other solaris math commits, i know)Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 79610
2012-11-23ecore: allocaSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 79577
2012-11-16ecore_x: first unmap, then eventSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 79362
2012-11-13ecore: Fix parameter set but not used warningsMike McCormack
Signed-off-by: Mike McCormack <> SVN revision: 79225
2012-10-10From: Michal Pakula vel Rutka <>Michal Pakula vel Rutka
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] [Ecore] Allow to send SelectionNotify event if there is no data from XGetWindowProperty. The issue I want to fix is that elementary clipboard does not return paste callback if selection does not contain any data. Currently when ecore_x_window_prop_property_get function is called asking for AnyProperty it returns 0 if there is no data (number of items stored equals 0). This causes ecore_x_event_handle_selection _notify to exit before SelectionNotify event is added and eventually elementary paste callback is not fired. My patch removes this condition and changes behaviour of this function by allowing to add SelectionNotify event even if data returned is empty. SVN revision: 77732
2012-10-04ecore-x: expose ecore_x_selection_converter_textSebastian Dransfeld
Needed to convert COMPOUND_TEXT SVN revision: 77477
2012-10-04Remove unused variables.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 77425
2012-10-04ecore: add ecore_x_input_raw_select and friends.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 77404
2012-09-21oooh fix nasty bug never found to date in ecore-x - gettign if imageCarsten Haitzler
is argb or not was WRONG. fixed. :) this now affected the comp software non-32bit support as it used it. SVN revision: 76961
2012-09-21Ecore_X: Fix more randr functions. Properly return output Modes fromChristopher Michael
ecore_x_randr_output_modes_get (more memcpy madness). SVN revision: 76940
2012-09-11Ecore_X: Fix more memcpy madness causing problems in randr. This fixesChristopher Michael
crtc_possible_outputs_get and crtc_outputs_get. SVN revision: 76454
2012-09-10Ecore_X: Actually, we can still retrieve crtcs without returning CountChristopher Michael
of them. Fix (very very minor, imo not worthy of a changelog entry). SVN revision: 76400
2012-09-10Ecore_X (randr): Correctly list crtcs also (same fix as outputs).Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 76392
2012-09-07Ecore_X (RandR): Fix long outstanding randr bug which causedChristopher Michael
ecore_x_randr to not work for pretty much everyone. Short version, don't memcpy something potentially Larger into something Certainly smaller. (read on for the details). NB: This 'should' fix all the randr problems in ecore_x (tho I have not tested Everything). NB: Ok, here goes: XRRGetScreenResources returns a struct. Inside that struct is a list of RROutputs. RROutput is defined as (from randrproto.h): #define RROutput CARD32 CARD32 is defined as (from X11/Xmd.h): # ifdef LONG64 typedef unsigned long CARD64; typedef unsigned int CARD32; # else typedef unsigned long CARD32; # endif so CARD32 can change based on the system (32/64 bit). Ecore_X_Randr_Output is defined as (Ecore_X.h): typedef Ecore_X_ID Ecore_X_Randr_Output; (for reference: typedef unsigned int Ecore_X_ID) Double bonus points if you have already spotted the problem !! ;) SVN revision: 76306
2012-09-03add 2 new illume sgs's and bump ecore version to 1.8 in svn as thatsCarsten Haitzler
now the api ver anyway. SVN revision: 75990
2012-08-30Ecore_X: We can still get output resources even if 'num' is not passedChristopher Michael
in. SVN revision: 75868
2012-08-30Ecore_X: Formatting.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 75867
2012-08-26add in custom screen blank enable/disable in ecore-x so we can do e17Carsten Haitzler
based on this release of efl. SVN revision: 75714
2012-08-19Ecore_X: Add missing cast for XkbMapNotifyEvent (removes compilerChristopher Michael
warning). SVN revision: 75427
2012-08-19also tell xkb to refresh mappings. :)Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 75422
2012-08-18I know this is a new feature. i know i know. doing this becauseCarsten Haitzler
otherwise we weill need another efl release for e17 to get out. modified patch from: SVN revision: 75409
2012-07-16fix e17->elm cnp.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 73924
2012-07-07ecore/ecore_x - just added a commentChunEon Park
SVN revision: 73445
2012-07-03Ecore_X: Add @since to new functions.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 73219
2012-07-03Ecore_X: Merge Tizen changes to upstream EFL.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 73203
2012-07-03ecore: fix use of unitialized Ecore_X_Atoms.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 73186
2012-06-28ecore: Rename Mode to AltGrSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 72980
2012-06-27ecore_x: Make x modifiers publicSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 72954
2012-06-27ecore: Fix support for intl keyboardsSebastian Dransfeld
Map XK_Mode_switch to new modifier and use it to match AltGr key. In ecore_imf xim module this key should be reported as Mod5Mask, and windows key as Mod4Mask. Does none of the e developers use international keyboards? SVN revision: 72937
2012-06-26Revert "ecore/xinerama: Don't do an assingment after return."Stefan Schmidt
This reverts commit 47fe99646f879b555b1048b900e27e67dc20bd98. SVN revision: 72877
2012-06-26Revert "ecore/gesture: Don't do dead assignments after return."Stefan Schmidt
This reverts commit b18eddb5a74e84e05e0f797b659d0719f56d9434. SVN revision: 72876
2012-06-26ecore/xinerama: Don't do an assingment after return.Stefan Schmidt
It's dead baby, it's dead. SVN revision: 72873
2012-06-26ecore/gesture: Don't do dead assignments after return.Stefan Schmidt
Raster added this for some unused param warnings in 65142. Now we have complains about dead assigments and I hope this finally mutes both of them. Thanks to Tom for pointing it out. SVN revision: 72872
2012-06-08move and doxyfy docs for ecore_x_randr_screen_primary_output_current_size_getMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 71846
2012-06-04trivial -Wshadow fixMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 71689
2012-06-04ecore_x: XKeycodeToKeysymJerome Pinot
ecore_x is calling XKeycodeToKeysym from xlib, but this function has issues. It has been deprecated 6 months ago in and it is suggested to use XkbKeycodeToKeysym instead: This commit makes a wrapper function that makes use of XkbKeycodeToKeysym when possible or fallback to XKeycodeToKeysym otherwise. SVN revision: 71677
2012-06-01ecore/ecore_x - let just leave one atom list for maintainanceChunEon Park
SVN revision: 71625
2012-05-31ecore: fix doxygen warningsJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 71569
2012-05-30ecore_x_randr: Add _ASK policy for new monitors.Leif Middelschulte
SVN revision: 71565
2012-05-29ecore - revert 71421 cause of posibility of abi breakChunEon Park
thanks Vincent. SVN revision: 71485
2012-05-28ecore: We can't really use index as variable as it is already in use.Stefan Schmidt
A bit annoying I know. But ignoring all this shadowing global declaritions might bring us into trouble. SVN revision: 71457
2012-05-25ecore/ecore_x - Changed ecore_x_error_get() return type to ↵ChunEon Park
Ecore_X_Error_Code from int SVN revision: 71421
2012-05-24fix send of new events alreayd added. oops. should test shouldnt i.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 71402
2012-05-22Add ecore_x_mouse_in_send() and ecore_x_mouse_out_send()Carsten Haitzler
Add ecore_x illume access control/action atoms+api's SVN revision: 71320
2012-05-13fix randr segv's waiting to happen. bad mem managment :(Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 70951
2012-04-23Cleanup Doxygen Warnings - ecore 4Jonas M. Gastal
Files modified: ecore/src/lib/ecore_wayland/ecore_wl_window.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xcb/ecore_xcb.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xcb/ecore_xcb_randr.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xcb/ecore_xcb_window.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xcb/ecore_xcb_window_shadow.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xlib/ecore_x.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xlib/ecore_x_randr_12.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xlib/ecore_x_window.c ecore/src/lib/ecore_x/xlib/ecore_x_window_prop.c SVN revision: 70424