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2009-12-22 * edje: Fix Edje_Box use with fixed point.Cedric BAIL
2009-12-21fix warnings introduced by external parameter stuff.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-12-21 * edje: Some more warning cleanup.Cedric BAIL
2009-12-19more portable way to get the sufix of a shared library nameVincent Torri
2009-12-19include Evil.h so that ssize_t is defined for Windows CEVincent Torri
2009-12-14Show and hide clipper as neededIván Briano
2009-12-14 * edje: Force recalc before doing preloading.Cedric BAIL
2009-12-14Show newly created part. Fixes some problems adding external parts in editjeIván Briano
2009-12-10 * edje_cc: Generate valid edje file when fixed point is enable.Cedric BAIL
2009-12-09 * edje: Add Fixed Point Math support to Edje.Cedric BAIL
2009-12-09fmtingCarsten Haitzler
2009-12-09Add type bool to external parametersIván Briano
2009-12-09make nan const... cosnt!Carsten Haitzler
2009-12-09warnings--Carsten Haitzler
2009-12-09much better nan!Carsten Haitzler
2009-12-09define NAN if not thereIván Briano
2009-12-04 * edje-edit: Don't forget to initialize list to NULL.Cedric BAIL
2009-12-04 * edje: Add edje_object_preload, it will force the preload of allCedric BAIL
2009-12-02Edje_External_Type: rename functions that add new objects.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-12-02Edje_External_Type: break abi, add abi checker.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-12-02warn usage of part swallow without swallowGustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-12-01batch register/unregister of external types, faster and lighter on memory.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-12-01add lots of cursor con trol api'sCarsten Haitzler
2009-11-30actually add stuff to the listIván Briano
2009-11-27restack swallowed objects tooIván Briano
2009-11-27Update object when external parameters are setIván Briano
2009-11-26Delete internal object when external part is removedIván Briano
2009-11-26create external in the right placeIván Briano
2009-11-26externals {} in edje_edit, source generation and add module to the external_T...Iván Briano
2009-11-25More macros and default values por external parameters.Iván Briano
2009-11-24dont segv if theres no fileIván Briano
2009-11-24Autoload modules for external widgetsIván Briano
2009-11-23Easier to use macrosIván Briano
2009-11-23Parameter information for external widgetsIván Briano
2009-11-23Better path for modules and move variables to beginning of blockIván Briano
2009-11-23edje external module loader: just load modules once.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-11-23edje external support, part 1.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-11-22patch from tasn: rtl fit.Carsten Haitzler
2009-11-18Edje_EditIván Briano
2009-11-13Constness and pass object aroundIván Briano
2009-11-12consistent returnIván Briano
2009-11-10Fix linking issue when cross building from linux to windowsLars Munch
2009-11-09fix segv on obj del - didnt remove callbacks!Carsten Haitzler
2009-11-08Remove unused variablesSebastian Dransfeld
2009-11-08Uncomment label along with gotoSebastian Dransfeld
2009-11-06fix dist/distcheck ruleVincent Torri
2009-11-03allow the amalgation stuff in edjeVincent Torri
2009-11-03 * rename _edje_strbuf_append to _edje_strbuf_append1 andVincent Torri
2009-11-02 * edje: On size hints don't forget to invalidate real part cache.Cedric BAIL
2009-10-31Some more stuff in externals, little api change there, may change some more l...Iván Briano