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2005-08-03have libtool copy files, not symlink themMike Frysinger
2005-08-03fix multiple definition of EXTRA_DISTMike Frysinger
2005-08-03fix underquoting bugsMike Frysinger
2005-08-03make sure we abort if autotools failMike Frysinger
2005-07-312nd asapargus for the weekend :)Carsten Haitzler
2005-07-30apps/e/enlightenment.spec CVS: apps/entice/configure.inCarsten Haitzler
2005-07-29Quiet.Kim Woelders
2005-07-28ug callback that deletes the object that is bing walked for callbacks...Carsten Haitzler
2005-07-28specCarsten Haitzler
2005-07-26cleanup. formatting and stufftsauerbeck
2005-07-26pavel's patch. :)Carsten Haitzler
2005-07-13it's been a while, so it was time for some ASPARAGUS on our platesCarsten Haitzler
2005-07-12dont need that anymoreCarsten Haitzler
2005-06-27just in case....Carsten Haitzler
2005-06-10aspara!Carsten Haitzler
2005-06-04evil hack to find include statements not at the beginning of the line, tootsauerbeck
2005-06-03asparagus...Carsten Haitzler
2005-05-31fix up fnmatch weirdnessCarsten Haitzler
2005-05-25fix potential bugs in msg queu processingCarsten Haitzler
2005-05-24the evas_hash_foreach callback is supposed to return a value ;)tsauerbeck
2005-05-24let programmers know they are NORTY!Carsten Haitzler
2005-05-24fix segvCarsten Haitzler
2005-05-23made edje_file_collection_list() check its argument before trying to do anyth...tsauerbeck
2005-05-23fix a silly bug that caused a memleak (i think)tsauerbeck
2005-05-23commented out debugCarsten Haitzler
2005-05-07full asparagusCarsten Haitzler
2005-05-06spew out errorsCarsten Haitzler
2005-05-01use getsarg()tsauerbeck
2005-04-30asparagus!Carsten Haitzler
2005-04-29don't die if embryo_cc brabbles about warnings in the embryo codetsauerbeck
2005-04-29remove AC_CANONICAL_TARGET since it isnt used/neededMike Frysinger
2005-04-27removed unused functiontsauerbeck
2005-04-27fix some leaksCarsten Haitzler
2005-04-26allow for setting of env var to prevent running ./configure like the older au...Mike Frysinger
2005-04-24quit on 'q'tsauerbeck
2005-04-23make e17 pass make distcheck....Carsten Haitzler
2005-04-08* more fuazundris
2005-04-03file and collection cache - this should remove a lot of file io... :)Carsten Haitzler
2005-03-31optimization. to check whether a string is empty (len == 0), we don't need to...tsauerbeck
2005-03-31sanitize border scaling middle something logic. if the property needs to set ...tsauerbeck
2005-03-31support unfilled centers...Carsten Haitzler
2005-03-30asparagus!Carsten Haitzler
2005-03-29Fix dependenciesshadoi
2005-03-28tweak. if edje_fontset_append_set() is passed NULL, free the global variable ...tsauerbeck
2005-03-28fixed a potential segfaulttsauerbeck
2005-03-22updated cvsignore filestsauerbeck
2005-03-22the default extension for Edje EET files is 'edj' nowtsauerbeck
2005-03-22asparagus time for some of the core efl bits...Carsten Haitzler
2005-03-21fixed a memory leak that was introduced with the recent decompiler changestsauerbeck
2005-03-20no need to assign size at that point again, it's done in the looptsauerbeck