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2006-06-11fix blah-config includesCarsten Haitzler
2006-06-111. autofoot patches.Carsten Haitzler
2006-06-05Patch from drexil to fix a leak in edje_data.cChristopher Michael
2006-05-30Tue May 30 12:32:21 2006 Michael Jennings (mej)Michael Jennings
2006-05-23edje_decc works properly with default theme (as long as u rememeber to passCarsten Haitzler
2006-05-19Fri May 19 14:52:44 2006 Michael Jennings (mej)Michael Jennings
2006-05-191. fix ecore to build again (xcomp - u need to cvs add and commit your 2 newCarsten Haitzler
2006-04-29dont set drag val if user already draggingCarsten Haitzler
2006-04-21space --Carsten Haitzler
2006-04-20fix edje packages to installCarsten Haitzler
2006-04-20another lib packages right.Carsten Haitzler
2006-04-14The section of a library's -dev package is generally libdevelHorms
2006-04-14Need not depend on libc6-dev | libc-dev as it is in build-essentialHorms
2006-04-13.cvsignore++.David Walter Seikel
2006-04-12adjust dependencies. update to standards
2006-04-12Various debian build cleanupsHorms
2006-04-10Mon Apr 10 17:05:40 2006 Michael Jennings (mej)Michael Jennings
2006-04-04fix maintainerCarsten Haitzler
2006-04-04edje_ls should be in the debug package - not binCarsten Haitzler
2006-04-04remove edje_ls from edje0-debug.kaethorn
2006-04-03gasp! packages actually build!Carsten Haitzler
2006-04-02build depenancy should be automake1.7, not automake-1.7Horms
2006-04-02fix up edje packaging depsCarsten Haitzler
2006-04-02THATS what it should look like :)Carsten Haitzler
2006-04-01dependency and package content cleanups.kaethorn
2006-03-29cvs is back up.. time for some asparagus!Carsten Haitzler
2006-03-28Edje textblock cleanups fixesStafford Mitchell Horne
2006-03-28Add ability for text blocks to use text classesStafford Mitchell Horne
2006-03-19Edje bug fixes:stffrdhrn
2006-03-17asparagus!!!Carsten Haitzler
2006-03-12asparagus!Carsten Haitzler
2006-03-12pass distcheck...Carsten Haitzler
2006-03-11Fix typo spotted by odium :)Christopher Michael
2006-03-07make dist pkgs build againquan74
2006-02-25custom state: i think we should inherit the parent's text style, tootsauerbeck
2006-02-25the custom state code was still using strdup, but it needs to use the strings...tsauerbeck
2006-02-19after hours of work, discusisons with rephorm, and raster, I found this!codewarrior
2006-02-13support empty includestsauerbeck
2006-01-29one more place that NULLS out the shared color class on delete.rephorm
2006-01-29don't free color class stuff in text_on_del, it gets done in color_class_on_d...rephorm
2006-01-29Require that groups have a name.rephorm
2006-01-23fix specCarsten Haitzler
2006-01-23handle more returns with more infoCarsten Haitzler
2006-01-23handle more returns with more infoCarsten Haitzler
2006-01-21Stringshare free fix from David Stevenson.rbdpngn
2006-01-19Fix typoChristopher Michael
2006-01-18damn wacked out indent style :)rephorm
2006-01-18mark edjes as dirty when their color class is deletedrephorm
2006-01-17Add edje_color_class_del(), edje_object_color_class_del() and edje_color_cla...rephorm
2006-01-17Add edje_color_class_del(), edje_object_color_class_del() and edje_color_cla...rephorm