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2012-07-01Eet: add nice m4 macros to check functions and libraries. Will be usable easi...Vincent Torri
2012-01-15Eet tests: Support out of source builds.Tom Hacohen
2011-01-16put again eet tests in the source treeVincent Torri
2010-12-19move eet tests to TEST dir too. same reasons as for ecore tests going.Carsten Haitzler
2010-11-15 * eet: fix make check with tarball.Cedric BAIL
2010-06-27make eet unit tests compile on WindowsVincent Torri
2008-10-20Make eet depends on eina.Cedric BAIL
2008-10-16 * add m4 macro for documentation, unit tests and coverageVincent Torri
2008-09-27add eet_suite.h in tarballsVincent Torri
2008-05-16 Introducing unit test in EFL using cvs check library for the testCedric BAIL