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2011-11-18allow install-examples separately from building them (building themCarsten Haitzler
2011-11-16evil >= 1.0.0Vincent Torri
2011-11-16eet: proper indentation.Cedric BAIL
2011-11-16ok - longstanding issue. quality of jpeg encode and decode droppedCarsten Haitzler
2011-11-16update release candidate trees to their release version in preparationCarsten Haitzler
2011-11-15update READMe for eetCarsten Haitzler
2011-11-15eet news formatting normalizedCarsten Haitzler
2011-11-15Eet: remove --as-needed on OpenBSDVincent Torri
2011-11-11news file for eet 1.5 releaseCarsten Haitzler
2011-11-09Use same type - warning--Lucas De Marchi
2011-11-06Ticket #824 - no'sCarsten Haitzler
2011-10-28And the matching changelog.David Walter Seikel
2011-10-28A new macro to support adding arrays of basic types.David Walter Seikel
2011-10-21ran ecrustify on eet. this seems to do a good job of eet. comments?Carsten Haitzler
2011-10-04FIX: allow open of eet files with 0 key entries. this kind of breaksCarsten Haitzler
2011-09-15eet: add eet_data_xattr helper.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-05fix COPYING to say 2011.Carsten Haitzler
2011-08-19Eet: Make links work on PDF documentation.Rafael Antognolli
2011-08-09[eet] New examples.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2011-08-09warning--. hmmmCarsten Haitzler
2011-08-09here's an awesome idea... let's not break the build shall we? letsCarsten Haitzler
2011-08-09eet: switch in favor of Eina_File.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-09efl: remove mman as we Eina_File now.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-08don't need logo and version is actually (about to be) 1.5Carsten Haitzler
2011-08-08there is no format section of docs - so remove ref.Carsten Haitzler
2011-08-03Eet: removing author list from main page.Jonas M. Gastal
2011-08-02that's it - remove autom4te.cache dirs again... - keep having to manyCarsten Haitzler
2011-07-30make eet_alias docs more clear :/Mike Blumenkrantz
2011-07-30remove trailing whitespaceMike Blumenkrantz
2011-07-30+eet_alias_get, related, docs, some spelling correctionsMike Blumenkrantz
2011-07-29From: Vincent Torri <>Vincent Torri
2011-07-29I blame this one on rasterMike Blumenkrantz
2011-07-16eet_main.c : use correct guardsVincent Torri
2011-07-16Eet : O_BINARY does not exist on linux...Vincent Torri
2011-07-16Eet : eet_flush2 : add O_BINARY to open()Vincent Torri
2011-07-15eet: fix common misppellingsLucas De Marchi
2011-07-06Eet : correction for make distcheckNicolas Aguirre
2011-07-04enable mmap safety in eet.Carsten Haitzler
2011-07-04fix some segvs in eet_nodeMike Blumenkrantz
2011-07-04add a bunch of functions for manipulating eet_node structsMike Blumenkrantz
2011-06-28don't leakIván Briano
2011-06-20Do show the included headerIván Briano
2011-06-20Remove out-dated info about Eet formatIván Briano
2011-06-20Fix "make dist"Michael Jennings
2011-06-16Since the SVN revision is now included in %{version}, it's redundantMichael Jennings
2011-06-14Slight improvement to Eet documentation.Iván Briano
2011-06-12remove .cvsignore filesBoris Faure
2011-06-10eet: add EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_LIST_STRING helper.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-09eet: correctly protect Eina_File during eet_close.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-07Add ignore and update filesMike McCormack