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2012-08-02use new ecore fdh function and finally fix eeze mounting without mtabMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 74784
2012-08-01set NONBLOCK on /proc/self/mountinfo file descriptorMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 74738
2012-08-01if disk error has already occurred, delete check timerMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 74737
2012-08-01eeze mount operations will now only retry up to 3 times when they fail ↵Mike Blumenkrantz
before emitting an error event SVN revision: 74736
2012-07-30add EEZE_DISK_MOUNTOPT_NODEVMike Blumenkrantz
yes, I realize we're in a freeze, but this is trivial and important SVN revision: 74564
2012-07-30never attempt to use disk label for mountingMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 74563
2012-07-30eeze now unmounts using the devnode instead of the mount pointMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 74560
2012-07-30failing to create a mount point no longer results in an error since it's ↵Mike Blumenkrantz
possible for this to be handled by certain mount utilities SVN revision: 74559
2012-07-30revert part of 74545 and change fopen to open; somehow this broke readingMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 74557
2012-07-30add --enable-mtab to eeze to force use of deprecated mtab for mountinfo ↵Mike Blumenkrantz
(libmount pre 2.20) SVN revision: 74556
2012-07-29and... first monitor mtab not fstab for MOUNT changes/ mtab isCarsten Haitzler
"current mounted status" . fstab is "stuff i WANT to mount". secondly.. if mtab is a symlink.. pretend we arent monitoring. this then kicks in the poll checker after mount cmd is done. SVN revision: 74545
2012-07-23Eeze: lets make it buildable once againEduardo de Barros Lima
SVN revision: 74329
2012-07-23don't throw double events for our own disk opsMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 74327
2012-07-23add a third libmount backend for "current" libmount, where we are too cool ↵Mike Blumenkrantz
for /etc/mtab SVN revision: 74326
2012-07-21and eezes-scaanner didnt del the polelr it added per device(cdrom one)Carsten Haitzler
when the dev is deleted.. crash waiting to happen. in addition it didnt start a new polelr when it added one again. start one too. SVN revision: 74263
2012-07-211. let us not install eeze_scanner in e17's utils dir. really not niceCarsten Haitzler
to do that. 2. just use regular ecore-con naming of the socket. it will handle if someone else has it. no need to do tmpdir and filename stuff by hand. SVN revision: 74261
2012-07-16fix minor version defines to be at 1.6 (in sync now) ready for goingCarsten Haitzler
to 7 on release. SVN revision: 73906
2012-07-11print correct socket file for eeze_scanner when file already existsMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 73553
2012-07-10eeze watches now detect loopback devices slightly more correctlyMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 73520
2012-07-10eeze_scanner now prints debug info when CHANGE events occurMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 73519
2012-07-09update all versions in @sincs, README's and's etc. toCarsten Haitzler
reflect a unified release version, for now 1.6.99. SVN revision: 73498
2012-07-02eeze/doc: Copy images also into latex folder and use srcdir for EXTRA_DISTStefan Schmidt
SVN revision: 73157
2012-06-29change my email addressMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 73032
2012-06-29patch from for joystick supportMike Blumenkrantz
ticket #1100 SVN revision: 73027
2012-06-29add disk and net groups to main eeze doc pageMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 73026
2012-06-29fix crash in eeze_net_free()Mike Blumenkrantz
ticket #1101 SVN revision: 73025
2012-06-29remove log level setting in eeze scanner and efmMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 73024
2012-06-28eeze scanner log dom -> ERRMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 72994
2012-06-26eeze: Initial docs fopr Eeze_UDev_Watch and callback typesStefan Schmidt
SVN revision: 72864
2012-06-25eeze: MArk all docs for Eeze Disk with @since 1.1Stefan Schmidt
Once again well spotted by Vincent. SVN revision: 72814
2012-06-25eeze: Add doxgen for different enums and typedefsStefan Schmidt
SVN revision: 72811
2012-06-25eeze: Add missing part for Eeze_Disk_Type doxygen.Stefan Schmidt
SVN revision: 72810
2012-06-12add fallback for mounting when a disk has no uuidMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 72008
2012-06-12changelog scanner socket change from yesterdayMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 71992
2012-06-11change perms on eeze scanner socket to be readable by allMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 71951
2012-06-04fix @version in each EFL header doxygenJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 71691
2012-05-30This is a small change, so I won't changelog it (or backport), butCarsten Haitzler
make _shutdown() funcs across efl complain and be unhappy if you shutdown to < 0 shutdowns and not pull init count below 0. SVN revision: 71548
2012-05-02eeze - [E-devel] [patch] minor fix to eeze docChunEon Park
This fix a single typo in eeze doxygen doc, Submitted-By-Off Jerome Pinot<> SVN revision: 70587
2012-04-26efl: add release point in ChangeLog files.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 70494
2012-04-26restore .99 micro versions for trunk and add back svnrev vers too.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 70492
2012-04-26and removed the -beta tag...Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 70489
2012-04-23several fixes for the doxygen docs.Sanjeev BA
Author : Jérôme Pinot <> SVN revision: 70426
2012-04-21tag everything as beta in svn.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 70375
2012-04-16NEWS up to date.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 70213
2012-04-16just spacing same as other chlog files.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 70212
2012-04-01Eeze: Patch to fix this:Vincent Torri
warning: Tag `DETAILS_AT_TOP' at line 15 of file Doxyfile has become obsolete. To avoid this warning please update your configuration file using "doxygen -u" warning: Tag `MAX_DOT_GRAPH_HEIGHT' at line 94 of file Doxyfile has become obsolete. To avoid this warning please update your configuration file using "doxygen -u" warning: Tag `MAX_DOT_GRAPH_WIDTH' at line 95 of file Doxyfile has become obsolete. To avoid this warning please update your configuration file using "doxygen -u" /tmp/eeze/src/lib/Eeze.h:313: warning: argument 'etype' of command @param is not found in the argument list of eeze_udev_find_by_type(Eeze_Udev_Type type, const char *name) /tmp/eeze/src/lib/Eeze.h:314: warning: explicit link request to 'NULL' could not be resolved /tmp/eeze/src/lib/Eeze.h:315: warning: explicit link request to 'NULL' could not be resolved /tmp/eeze/src/lib/Eeze.h:313: warning: The following parameters of eeze_udev_find_by_type(Eeze_Udev_Type type, const char *name) are not documented: parameter 'type' Patch by Jérôme Pinot, modified by myself SVN revision: 69825
2012-03-17and work more on getting release in shape - version requirements.Carsten Haitzler
(god this is a pain in the butt) SVN revision: 69484
2012-03-17add back in libs.private/requires to pc files with some fixes forCarsten Haitzler
missing. SVN revision: 69482
2012-03-17gear up svn for release. one of many steps/things to do.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 69481
2012-01-19eeze: fix warnings.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
ioctls just have 3 elements... and 'i' must be reset before using it again for ipv6. SVN revision: 67351