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2007-03-24Use correct variable when searching for .desktop file.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-03-24util to get a desktop by file id.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-03-24- make this consistent with the rest of the eflDan Sinclair
2007-03-24- don't use PDFLATEXDan Sinclair
2007-03-24app_dirs isn't a dlistSebastian Dransfeld
2007-03-24debianize efreet.kaethorn
2007-03-24Ignore themes without a name.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-03-24fix Cflagsrephorm
2007-03-23Formatting.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-03-22No longer needed.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-03-22Ignore generated pkgconfig file.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-03-22Link against ecore-desktop if it is required.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-17install efreet_ini.hrephorm
2007-02-09make sure string is null terminated after char appendrephorm
2007-02-09add a readmerephorm
2007-02-07Function to add a new desktop to an existing menu.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-07And remember to add files with function.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-07Function to check whether a path resides inside a default directory.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-06Quick and dirty saving of a Menu.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-06- formattingDan Sinclair
2007-02-05Declare function.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-05- setup the internal types (APPLICATION, DIRECTORY and LINK) to use the typeDan Sinclair
2007-02-05allow custom types to register a parse functionrephorm
2007-02-05- allow the app to add custom Types to be matched in the .desktop file.Dan Sinclair
2007-02-05- unusedDan Sinclair
2007-02-03- update test.desktop fileDan Sinclair
2007-02-03Quiet!Kim Woelders
2007-02-03Add a missing test.desktop file. This one allows for the test to pass.Stafford Mitchell Horne
2007-02-03Remove debugging file.ningerso
2007-02-03Add document generation script.ningerso
2007-02-03Add top level informational files to efreet.ningerso for test data.ningerso
2007-02-03Top level for efreet.ningerso
2007-02-03Freedesktop test files.ningerso
2007-02-03Initial import of efreet, an implementation of the freedesktop icon and menuningerso