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2012-08-27no this isnt release - this is simply me removing the beta tag so whenCarsten Haitzler
we release it's ready. SVN revision: 75740
2012-08-18Update rpm specsRui Seabra
SVN revision: 75404
2012-08-17tag as beta...Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 75344
2012-08-17po updatesCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 75343
2012-08-10efreet: fix version in NEWSJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 75107
2012-08-10update more po'sCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 75097
2012-08-10more updates for 1.7.0 alpha.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 75095
2012-08-10alpha release of 1.7 - let's roll. ALPHA!Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 75091
2012-08-10update po'sCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 75089
2012-08-08efreet: Fix language changeSebastian Dransfeld
Need to release generated file name, else we will use same filename again when opening cache. Also need to close cache, as a cache rebuild might not trigger cache close if the cache in another language already exists. SVN revision: 75020
2012-08-08fix efreet desktop exec to not duplicate the command n times in theCarsten Haitzler
list when adding n params to a single cmd. SVN revision: 75019
2012-08-04efreet: Fix last fix, only access theme inside ifSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 74879
2012-08-03efreet: always need to revalidate themesSebastian Dransfeld
Themes read from cache are not valid until a valid index file has been read. SVN revision: 74865
2012-07-31eina: cleanup eina_file_map_lines API before release.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 74618
2012-07-29segv-- on parsing garbage ini files.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 74542
2012-07-28remove efret private decl of public api.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 74517
2012-07-16fix minor version defines to be at 1.6 (in sync now) ready for goingCarsten Haitzler
to 7 on release. SVN revision: 73906
2012-07-09update all versions in @sincs, README's and's etc. toCarsten Haitzler
reflect a unified release version, for now 1.6.99. SVN revision: 73498
2012-07-09update efreet po'sCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 73497
2012-07-04Efreet: can not implement efreet_fsetowner() and efreet_setowner() on WindowsVincent Torri
Seb: is it annoying ? SVN revision: 73296
2012-07-04Efreet: winsock2.h needed on WindowsVincent Torri
SVN revision: 73295
2012-07-04Efreet: use ecore_exe_run() on Windows, as it is available for quite some ↵Vincent Torri
time now SVN revision: 73294
2012-07-04Efreet: errno.h is not always indirectly includedVincent Torri
SVN revision: 73293
2012-07-02efreet: fix memory leakSebastian Dransfeld
Don't allocate event structure unless we have a cache change. SVN revision: 73133
2012-07-02with user-dirs - expand env vars. i suspect we have to deal withCarsten Haitzler
escapes too. SVN revision: 73115
2012-06-29efreet: Finish off nls supportSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 73067
2012-06-29changelogSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 73055
2012-06-29efreet: parse user-dirs.dirsSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 73053
2012-06-29efreet: use allocaSebastian Dransfeld
malloc + dir in same function -> alloca SVN revision: 73052
2012-06-27efreet: Fix missing cache infoSebastian Dransfeld
If a desktop was in the regular cache because of direct access, and then added by a change in XDG_DATA_DIRS it wouldn't end in the utils cache unless something triggered a complete cache rebuild. SVN revision: 72962
2012-06-27efreet: Align coverage generation with eina, eet and evas.Stefan Schmidt
SVN revision: 72946
2012-06-27efreet: efreet_suite also needs the libs for coverageStefan Schmidt
Its one of these days where it only comes together in small pieces. SVN revision: 72934
2012-06-27efreet: Pass the correct ld flags to the test.Stefan Schmidt
This fixes coverage on freet SVN revision: 72930
2012-06-25efreet: correct desktop cache update on lang resetSebastian Dransfeld
As we only build the cache for the current language, we need to trigger cache rebuild on language change, as the cache might not exist or it is old. SVN revision: 72832
2012-06-25changelog/news updates for seb's workMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 72818
2012-06-25efreet: Improve language resetSebastian Dransfeld
efreet.c: Reset parsed locale, and force a reparse of LANG env efreet_cache.c: Close desktop cache so we reopen cache with correct language SVN revision: 72817
2012-06-25efreet: nlsJerome Pinot
Add some translations and improve the "make maintainer-clean". SVN revision: 72789
2012-06-24efreet: Add nls supportSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 72773
2012-06-18only parse retarded canonical ini fields when not using strict spec complianceMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 72387
2012-06-18efreet: doxygenJerome Pinot
Fix a few typos and missing @c. SVN revision: 72379
2012-06-14fix annoying null error spamMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 72111
2012-06-14+efreet_dirs_reset()Mike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 72104
2012-06-11the dicks at canonical like to break fdo .desktop file spec by adding ↵Mike Blumenkrantz
invalid characters (underscores) to key names. we are not amused. SVN revision: 71941
2012-06-11enough with the efreet error message spam!!!Mike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 71939
2012-06-07whoops, forgot theseMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 71817
2012-06-07add XDG_DESKTOP_DIR based on Blumenkrantz
seb if I put this in the wrong place let me know SVN revision: 71816
2012-05-30efreet: ERR -> EINA_LOG_ERRMike McCormack
SVN revision: 71560
2012-05-30This is a small change, so I won't changelog it (or backport), butCarsten Haitzler
make _shutdown() funcs across efl complain and be unhappy if you shutdown to < 0 shutdowns and not pull init count below 0. SVN revision: 71548
2012-05-23efreet: Add parameter checking to exported APISebastian Dransfeld
Some efreet APIs do not check input parameters. So I add checking by using EINA_SAFETY_ON_XXX(). ISO/IEC statndards says that "If an argument to a function has an invalid value, behavior is undefined" . But this is just for the primitive functions such as libc. I think that parameter checking is needed in at least EFL exported APIs to prevent run-time abnormal behavior. EINA_SAFTETY_ON_XXX are better than "if (xxx) return" because it gives error message and can be maintainable. Patch by Bluezery, modified by me SVN revision: 71366
2012-05-11efreet: useless work of the day, faster loading of mime type.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 70931