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2012-04-03eet, eina, eio, embryo, ethumb, evas, expedite: Updated .gitignoreDaniel Juyung Seo
2011-06-07Add ignore and update filesMike McCormack
2011-05-17Eina: Added .gitignore.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-12ignore++Sebastian Dransfeld
2011-03-08ignore++Sebastian Dransfeld
2011-02-06Support for Proxy Objects (and others)Brett Nash
2010-08-29ignore++Sebastian Dransfeld
2010-08-25Some ignores for the .git ppls.Brett Nash
2007-11-19Added Ecore_IMF module.andrunko desktop, icon, and menu support as per the discussion inDavid Walter Seikel
2004-02-03Ecore_Evas.h now contains HAVE_ECORE_EVAS_FB and -GL. it's generated by autoc...tsauerbeck
2003-11-13Fixed a couple of debs in e17/libs, added and updated a couple of .cvsignores.swielinga