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2016-06-03elementary: merge in elm_code example.Cedric BAIL
2016-06-02elementary: merging in elm_code widget.Cedric BAIL
2016-05-19elm_code: Fix build for updated eolian_gen outputAndy Williams
2016-05-18elm_code: Fix undo code for deleting tabAndy Williams
2016-05-17elm_code: Revert an optimisation to fix a crashAndy Williams
2016-05-17elm_code: Fix crash when tabbing in a small widgetAndy Williams
2016-05-16elm_code: unbreak previous commitJean-Philippe ANDRE
2016-05-16elm_code: ensure lines are visible when scrollingAndy Williams
2016-05-16elm_code: fix crash from previous commitsJean-Philippe ANDRE
2016-05-16elm_code: remove useless variableJean-Philippe ANDRE
2016-05-16elm_code: Fix scroller size when appending new linesJean-Philippe ANDRE
2016-05-16[elm_code] don't double free standard parsersAndy Williams
2016-05-16elm_code: Fix log test caseJean-Philippe ANDRE
2016-05-16tests: add a test case for log viewerJean-Philippe ANDRE
2016-05-14Fix build for latest APIAndy Williams
2016-04-28[editor] fix issue where selections didn't refreshAndy Williams
2016-04-28[editor] Stop jumping around on clickAndy Williams
2016-04-24Update to latest eo specsAndy Williams
2016-04-14fix build break.Hermet Park
2016-04-09remove duplicated variable declaration.Hermet Park
2016-04-07[help] Stub out a right-click-help UIAndy Williams
2016-04-07[selection] split words on * and & alsoAndy Williams
2016-04-07[editor] fix line geometry when scrolledAndy Williams
2016-03-30[editor] move tooltips to inline error meessagesAndy Williams
2016-03-30[editor] split out the grid into rendered rows.Andy Williams
2016-03-22Fix the local lookup of diffs in the test app.Andy Williams
2016-03-22Fix the local lookup of diffs in the test app.Andy Williams
2016-03-18Update to latest eo_add syntaxAndy Williams
2016-03-18Update to latest eo_add syntaxAndy Williams
2016-03-10Update to latest eo syntaxAndy Williams
2016-03-08Fix make distAndy Williams
2016-03-01Update to new eo event callback signatureAndy Williams
2016-02-25[editor] draw line width marker after file endAndy Williams
2016-02-25[editor] a bunch of optimisations for redrawAndy Williams
2016-02-21[editor] add delete and backspace undo hooksAndy Williams
2016-02-21Complete the ending newline crash fixAndy Williams
2016-02-21Fix crash when undoing a soft tab insertAndy Williams
2016-02-21[editor] begin re-adding the undo feature.Andy Williams
2016-02-21easier debugging of ck_assert_strn_eqAndy Williams
2016-02-21[editor] Fix crash when deleting selectionsAndy Williams
2016-02-21[editor] various tidiesAndy Williams
2016-02-15[editor] stop auto selection on symbols tooAndy Williams
2016-02-15[editor] double click and triple do selectionsAndy Williams
2016-02-15Elm_Interface_Atspi_Text changed to Elm.Interface_Atspi_Text.Andy Williams
2016-02-09Fix out of source builds.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-09[editor] Support space insertion instead of tabsAndy Williams
2016-01-17Fix maybe-uninitialized warningsAndy Williams
2016-01-17Supress libtool warning on windowsAndy Williams
2016-01-16[elm_code] Update line status icons for additionsAndy Williams
2015-10-10[whitespace] Fix indentation after newline when splitting.Andy Williams