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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-10efl: merge emotion.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2013-01-03Emotion: use eina log wherever it's possibleLeandro Dorileo
2013-01-02Emotion: introce emotion_object_video_subtitle_file_set() callLeandro Dorileo
2012-10-11emotion: limit size and format based on the backend with fimc.Cedric BAIL
2012-08-21emotion: fix priority_set/getCedric BAIL
2012-07-05emotion: let work around embedded device limitation.Cedric BAIL
2012-06-15emotion/gstreamer: Don't store return values if nobody reads them anyway.Stefan Schmidt
2012-03-05From: Davide Andreoli <>Davide Andreoli
2011-12-30Emotion:fix compilation on WindowsVincent Torri
2011-12-28emotion: properly test the existence of an X connection in gstreamer backend.Cedric BAIL
2011-11-03emotion: warning--Cedric BAIL
2011-10-21emotion: disable direct rendering path if window manager doesn't handle it.Cedric BAIL
2011-10-05emotion: FPS tracking.Cedric BAIL
2011-10-04emotion: make Xv work.Cedric BAIL
2011-10-03emotion: first try with xv.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-30emotion: add some space around.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-28emotion: make it possible to dump the complete pipeline not only on failure, ...Cedric BAIL
2011-09-20emotion: don't use the pipeline anymore when it's not needed.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-19emotion: add basic xoverlay infrastructure to emotion. not ready at all yet.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-14emotion: correctly destroy buffer.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-05emotion: properly delay buffer destruction.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-04emotion: better error message.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-04emotion: better handling of gstreamer samsung backend.Cedric BAIL
2011-09-03Emotion: Add __UNUSED__ where neededSebastian Dransfeld
2011-08-31emotion: better debug infrastructure.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-29emotion: better handling of asynchronous audio file opening.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-25emotion: g_free already checks if pointer is NULLLucas De Marchi
2011-08-16emotion: remove g stuff and make it safer.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-11emotion: fix some race condition.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-11emotion: fix memory leak.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-05emotion: fix some uninitialized value.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-05emotion: fix some memory leak.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-02emotion: and now live streaming are also working.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-02emotion: make gstreamer backend async and handle it correctly every where.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-02emotion: use better infra for reading GstBus.Cedric BAIL
2011-07-29emotion: don't use pipeline if not set.Cedric BAIL
2011-07-25emotion: correctly close pipeline on file close, plus minor fix.Cedric BAIL
2011-07-21emotion: fix buggies, add YUY2 support.Cedric BAIL
2011-07-17emotion: add webcam detection, cleanup code and add timing detection.Cedric BAIL
2011-07-15emotion: fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2011-06-24emotion: fix shutdown of gstreamer plugin.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-24emotion: advertise native resolution.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-24emotion: make preroll work and try to really turn off audio when mutted.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-23emotion: forgottent strange Windows rules.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-23emotion: add a way to test if a file could be played by emotion.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-20emotion: add a gstreamer sink.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-16tabs --> spacesVincent Torri
2010-11-19warning cleanup.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2010-10-20the gstreamer backend uses now gstreamer playbin2 element toVincent Torri
2010-10-07shutup stupid emotion debug!Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri