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2012-11-13move eobj in as well as "eo".Carsten Haitzler
2012-10-09Eo: Added -DNDEBUG by default.Tom Hacohen
2012-09-26merge: add eoVincent Torri
2012-09-13Eo: Added another important EINA_LIKELY.Tom Hacohen
2012-09-13Eo: Made debugging Eo a bit easier.Tom Hacohen
2012-09-12Eo: examples ruleVincent Torri
2012-09-12Eo: Added eo_destructed_is.Tom Hacohen
2012-09-12Eo: make benchmarkVincent Torri
2012-09-09Eo: add libcheck testVincent Torri
2012-09-09Eo: use the 'check' rule to build the testsVincent Torri
2012-09-09Eo: missing fileVincent Torri
2012-09-09Eo: more dos2unixVincent Torri
2012-09-07Eo: add autotools tests. I have plenty of errors with the unit tests on WindowsVincent Torri
2012-09-07eo: copy/paste errorVincent Torri
2012-09-07Fix compilation on WindowsVincent Torri
2012-09-05Eobj: don't install benchmark and examples, request from TomVincent Torri
2012-09-04Eo: autotools + minor fixes so that it compiles on Windows (mainly reordering...Vincent Torri
2012-09-03Eo: Made benchmarking output a bit nicer.Tom Hacohen
2012-09-03Eo: optimised eo_op_class_get a bit. Can still make it better.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-26Eo: Added simple benchmark infra (not really testing anything atm).Tom Hacohen
2012-08-23Eo: Moved a magic check from an internal function to the external function.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-23Eo: Remove volatile from the GCC issue workaround.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-23Eo: Fixed issue with eo_add ops.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-23Eo: Added a non-default constructor test.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-23Eo: Added some negative refcount tests (with manual_free).Tom Hacohen
2012-08-23Eo: Added eo_add_custom and support for passing ops to eo_add.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-22Eo: Use our own magic check macro instead of Eina'sTom Hacohen
2012-08-21Eo: Add an error if we get to a negative refcount.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-21Eo: WRN -> ERR. We do (in EFL) logging wrong.Tom Hacohen
2012-08-20Eo: Removed static class support.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-31Eo: Also fix the case when the chain is not allocated.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-31Eo: Fixed an issue with mixins and super calls.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-26Eo: Changed ops prints to be DOMAIN:OP_NAME. Easier to follow.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-26Eo: Make func override warning an error instead (prev commit).Tom Hacohen
2012-07-26Eo: Add a warning when trying to override a function that was already set for...Tom Hacohen
2012-07-23Eo: Fixed bug with calling multiple ops in some cases.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-18Eo: Fixed super of different functions.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-15Eo: Minor fixes to copy_all and clean.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-15Eo: Fixed test case.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-12Eo: Oops, commit missing files.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-12Eo: Allow interfaces to have class constructors/destructors.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-10Eo: Properly handle tests and their deps in the build system.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-10Eo: Avoid unneeded copies with kls-itr.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-10Eo: eo_do is much faster now.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-10Eo: Slight kls-itr cleanups.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-10Eo: Cosmetic changes.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-10Eo: Changed the way we construct op ids.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-09Eo: added a version field to the class description.Tom Hacohen
2012-06-27Eo: Removed the const op concept.Tom Hacohen
2012-06-27Eo: Fixed wrong kls_itr inits and error message prints.Tom Hacohen