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2013-01-03ephysics moved into EFLGustavo Sverzut Barbieri
SVN revision: 82127
2013-01-03efl: merge ephysicsGustavo Sverzut Barbieri
changes: * __UNUSED__ -> EINA_UNUSED * Fixed doc hierarchy SVN revision: 82126
2012-12-19EPhysics: on velocity example unregister callback on restartLeandro Dorileo
Unregister callback on restart and avoid trying to use an to be deleted body. SVN revision: 81401
2012-12-18EPhysics: add soft body light implementationLeandro Dorileo
Do not use the evas map 3d light util function for every slice and avoid the unexpected "mosaic" effect. SVN revision: 81306
2012-12-14EPhysics: simplify the restacking data free routineLeandro Dorileo
SVN revision: 80986
2012-12-14EPhysics: free body and constraint list on testLeandro Dorileo
SVN revision: 80985
2012-12-13ephysics: move src/bin to examplesBruno Dilly
And update doxyfile It's a more reasonable name for this directory, since now it won't build a dir, just a few files used to exemplify ephysics usage on docs. SVN revision: 80897
2012-12-13ephysics: get back example headerBruno Dilly
Used on ephysics docs Now make doc should works fine SVN revision: 80896
2012-12-13ephysics_tests: copy forgotten stuff and svnignoreBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 80895
2012-12-13ephysics: cleanup after tests splitBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 80894
2012-12-13Create trunk/ephysics_testsBruno Dilly
And mv / cp test stuff from ephysics to ephysics_tests SVN revision: 80893
2012-12-13ephysics: prepare to split testsBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 80891
2012-12-11EPhysics: test_soft_ellipsoid.c becomes test_soft_sphere.cLeandro Dorileo
Following the renaming wave test_soft_ellipsoid.c is renamed to its sphere counter part. SVN revision: 80721
2012-12-11EPhysics: soft_circle and soft_ellipsoid renamingLeandro Dorileo
For sake of consistency moving soft_circle to soft_cylinder and soft_ellipsoid becomes soft_sphere. Their face identification were moved as well. The faces identifications were also unified. SVN revision: 80720
2012-12-11EPhysics: fix issues with force applicationLeandro Dorileo
This patch fixes the forces apply, the current implementation will never apply it. We're also applying rate twice, get rid of rate on forces_apply function. SVN revision: 80719
2012-12-11EPhysics: fix issues with rotationLeandro Dorileo
We must convert degrees to radians wherever operating with angles. SVN revision: 80718
2012-12-11EPhysics: add ephysics_body_sphere_add() APILeandro Dorileo
SVN revision: 80717
2012-12-11EPhysics: ephysics_body_circle_add() becomes ephysics_body_cylinder_add()Leandro Dorileo
SVN revision: 80716
2012-12-11ephysics: scan-build cleanupBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 80714
2012-12-11ephysics: warn if try to use functions not implementedBruno Dilly
by clothes SVN revision: 80713
2012-12-10ephysics: handle evas object visibitily on default updateBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 80624
2012-12-10EPHysics: introduce a generic resize_cb for soft body facesLeandro Dorileo
Introduce a generic resize_cb for soft body faces and fix the "not pre-resized evas object issue" for multi faces implementation as well. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80615
2012-12-10EPhysics: fix issues with resizing clothLeandro Dorileo
--This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80614
2012-12-10EPHysics: change the location of _ephysics_body_geometry_setLeandro Dorileo
--This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80613
2012-12-10EPhysics: fix issues identified by edje supportLeandro Dorileo
Add slices as member of obj smart parent - when it's the case - so we can restack it when the received evas object is member of a smart object. Resize the evas object on ephysics_body_evas_object_set to w=1, h=1 when its initial/original size is 0, this prevents errors on evas_object_image_source_set(). Reset the soft body transform on resize - put it back to its prior position - the one before scaling. On body_move do not consider the moving of anchored rigid body enough, move the soft body vertices as well. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80612
2012-12-05ephysics: add event WORLD_UPDATEBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 80274
2012-12-05EPhysics: avoid unused parameter warningsLeandro Dorileo
Avoid *unused parameter* warnings on bullet API due to virtual functions. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80251
2012-12-05EPhysics: flip page test improvementsLeandro Dorileo
--This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80250
2012-12-05EPhysics: soft body drag coefficientLeandro Dorileo
Add API for handling with soft body drag coefficient. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80249
2012-12-05EPhysics: fix soft body velocity and stop implementationLeandro Dorileo
+ velocity Handle cloth cases on velocity functions and consider both rigid and soft body whenever touching velocities + stoping a body. + activation Activate the body when setting angular velocity. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80248
2012-12-03EPhysics: soft button improvementsLeandro Dorileo
Use a bigger image to soft button tests, add light on/off button, use of anchor hardness API. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80108
2012-12-03EPhysics: anchor hardness api and small fixesLeandro Dorileo
This patch introduces a separeted API for handling with anchor hardness, and fixes small problems with pose and soft body impulses. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80107
2012-12-03EPhysics: fix y orientation issuesLeandro Dorileo
Fix a small issue on y orientation on triangles_inside_get and soft body impulse. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80106
2012-12-03EPhysics: force body update on light/perspective changesLeandro Dorileo
If light configuration has been changed or perspective changed or simply enabled/disabled force inactive bodies to update. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80105
2012-12-03EPhysics: fix soft body rotation_setLeandro Dorileo
--This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 80104
2012-12-03ephysics: fix debug msgs at some functionsBruno Dilly
Broken in r77467 SVN revision: 80098
2012-11-29EPhysics: density field in material struct, int -> doubleLeandro Dorileo
--This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 79851
2012-11-29EPhysics: constraint removalLeandro Dorileo
Delete the constraints a body belongs to on body removal and avoid bullet to segfault. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 79850
2012-11-29EPhysics: add hinge testLeandro Dorileo
Add a test to simulate a hinge constraint using the generic constraint API's. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 79849
2012-11-29EPhysics: generic constraintLeandro Dorileo
This patch changes how constraints are created and configured, now we use a bullet generic implementation which let us operate on the 6 degrees of freedom(linear and angular ones). We have used 6dof for slider constraint but now we assume 2 types of constraints, single body - simply ephysics_constraint_add(body) - and a linked one - ephysics_constraint_linked_add(body1, body2) used to constrain 2 bodies linked together. Having said that we introduce the following changes: + migrate p2p constraint to 6Dof We want to have a constraint api generic enouth to allow many different constraint behaviour, 6Dof was picked to do that, so p2p needs a migration. + move ephysics_constraint_slider_* functions Since the whole constraint infra-sctructure is being migrated to 6Dof the linear and angular limit functions - previously used only by slider constraint - now looks more generic enough to be used by constraint in general. + add constraint anchor API Instead of telling the anchoring positioning in the constraint creating we have set it's default value to the the middle os the body and if the user wants to change it call ephysics_constraint_anchor_set and reset it. The ephysics_constraint_anchor_set() considers the canvas coordinate instead of using the body orientation. So now one can tell a constraints anchor is set to 100, 10, 0 in the canvas coordinate system and not (body_center.x - 20, body_center.y - 5, body_center.z - 1). + constraint migrate the bt_constraint Since we're working only with 6Dof constraints it is reasonable to change the constraints bt_constraint field to btGeneric6DofConstraint. + add 3 axes to constraints Now constraints API knows about x, y and z axes - linear and angular limiting, anchor setting and the constraint creation functions are fully supported. + constraint calls are renamed The constraint calls were renamed so ephysics_constraint_p2p_add() now is known as ephysics_constraint_linked_add() and ephysics_constraint_slider_add() became ephysics_constraint_add() where the first one is meant for constrain 2 bodies and the second one for single body constraints. --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- SVN revision: 79848
2012-11-28ephysics: don't try to set bad body geometry when addingBruno Dilly
boundaries If render geometry is not set yet, it will try to set a bad geometry for the boundary boxes. In this case, let these bodies with default size and only resize them when render geometry is set. SVN revision: 79791
2012-11-28ephysics: add improve dbg msgsBruno Dilly
To help me debuging it while I'm working on Edje. SVN revision: 79790
2012-11-28ephysics: don't allow a body to be scaled to 0 in anyBruno Dilly
axis In this case it will be considered inactive and things won't work as expected. SVN revision: 79789
2012-11-28ephysics: random doc fixesBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 79781
2012-11-23EPhysics: add a soft ellipsoid testLeandro Dorileo
A test to rotate a soft ellipsoid to demonstrate the multi face implementation. Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <> SVN revision: 79609
2012-11-23EPhysics: soft button testLeandro Dorileo
A new test with a soft button deforming while clicking on it. Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <> SVN revision: 79608
2012-11-23EPhysics: soft body operations on triangles listLeandro Dorileo
This patch introduces API to get a list of triangles inside an area and another to apply impulse - also - in a list of triangles. Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <> SVN revision: 79607
2012-11-23EPhysics: fix soft body resizeLeandro Dorileo
When resizing a soft body move the anchored rigid body to the center of it. Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <> SVN revision: 79606
2012-11-23EPhysics: avoid slices double deletionLeandro Dorileo
This patch avoids slices double deletion case ecore evas deletes the slices evas objects before ephysics has actually shutdown and/or simulation thread hasn't been canceled. Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <> SVN revision: 79605
2012-11-23EPhysics: add api to get the slice index based on itsLeandro Dorileo
evas object Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <> SVN revision: 79604