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2012-08-10EPhysics: add test using different shapesBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: support bodies with generic shapesBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: add EPhysics ShapeBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: move code duplication to _ephysics_body_addBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: update imagesBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: Avoid garbagge in cb objects.Bruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: optimization and fixes for cameraBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: fix world event callbacks managementBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: avoid invalid read / writes on world freeBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: improving body's event callbacks managementBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: fix sleeping threshold getterBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: re-write sleeping threshold testBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: properly handle body deleteBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: properly handle world deleteBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: use inlist for world's bodies listBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: use inlist for worlds listBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: Add test exposing delete issuesBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: fix camera track testBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: camera test improvedBruno Dilly
2012-08-10EPhysics: don't show background box on camera testsBruno Dilly
2012-07-31EPhysics: small fixes related to slider constraintBruno Dilly
2012-07-31EPhysics: slider constraintLeandro Dorileo
2012-07-31EPhysics: spinner themeBruno Dilly
2012-07-31EPhysics: update gitignoreBruno Dilly
2012-07-31EPhysics: allow user to configure simulationBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: update todo listBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: implement body tracking by cameraBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: fix collision detection pointBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: add test for collision filterBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: implement camera position handlingBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: collision filterLeandro Dorileo
2012-07-27EPhysics: body collision dataLeandro Dorileo
2012-07-27EPhysics: small/trivial function return fixLeandro Dorileo
2012-07-27EPhysics: sleeping threshold and max sleep timeLeandro Dorileo
2012-07-27EPhysics: add note regarding body dataBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: only build tests theme if tests are buildBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: add data setter / getter for bodiesBruno Dilly
2012-07-27EPhysics: fix mass getterBruno Dilly
2012-07-06EPhysics: fix missing const on some gettersBruno Dilly
2012-07-05EPhysics: add missing damping getterBruno Dilly
2012-07-05EPhysics: add no gravity testBruno Dilly
2012-07-05EPhysics: properly initializes libraryBruno Dilly
2012-07-05EPhysics: worlds solver modeLeandro Dorileo
2012-07-05EPhysics: body damping setLeandro Dorileo
2012-07-04EPhysics: add shoot button to collision testBruno Dilly
2012-07-04EPhysics: expose linear factorBruno Dilly
2012-07-04EPhysics: velocity setters and stopBruno Dilly
2012-07-03EPhysics: constraint solver iterationsBruno Dilly
2012-07-03EPhysics: use elm_layout instead of edje to add cbsBruno Dilly
2012-07-03EPhysics: add test that exposes collision issuesBruno Dilly