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2011-09-12Escape: Add proper static linkins libs to .pc fileYouness Alaoui
2011-09-09Escape: static linking libraries should go in Libs.private in .pc fileYouness Alaoui
2011-09-07Escape: oups, another copy/paste fail. Fix escape.pcYouness Alaoui
2011-09-07Adding Escape: A compatibility library for jailbroken PS3s (PSL1GHT)Youness Alaoui
2011-07-24Evil: prepare the 1.0 release. Put (all, evil as well as 'standard' ones) the...Vincent Torri
2008-11-09 * Torri
2008-09-20 * mingw32ce has no locale stuffVincent Torri
2008-02-27Here is the Evil library, which provides, for the Windows platform (XP or Mob...doursse