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2009-07-09Added support to free_data callbacks.Rafael Antognolli
2009-06-04Added ethumbd (ethumb).Rafael Antognolli
2009-05-26Fixed segfault when no file is passed as argument to ethumb.Rafael Antognolli
2009-05-19Changed Eina_Bool result -> Eina_Bool success (it makes more sense).Rafael Antognolli
2009-05-19Using Eina_Bool.Rafael Antognolli
2009-05-19finished callback is always called now.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-21Added function ethumb_exists() and some API change.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-21There is no more Ethumb_File.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-21Added epdf plugin.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-17Added support to plugins.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-17Fixed a possible segfault when file doesn't exists.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-14Now ethumb read from and saves to eet files.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-13Changed bin/ethumb to use Ecore_Getopt.Rafael Antognolli
2009-03-30ethumb - Thumbnailing LibraryRafael Antognolli