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2002-12-24Debian copyright file fix in HEAD replacing Author(s) by Author or Authors.swielinga
2002-11-08code moveCarsten Haitzler
2002-11-08in goes new codeCarsten Haitzler
2002-11-08nukeCarsten Haitzler
2002-01-12quick hack to remove "/@alocaldir@"Laurence J. Lane
2001-12-20something with aclocal, I'll deal with it laterLaurence J. Lane
2001-12-07call instead of configureLaurence J. Lane
2001-11-09missed anotherLaurence J. Lane
2001-11-07dumb man pageLaurence J. Lane
2001-10-31various stuffLaurence J. Lane
2001-03-17revert to horm's originalsLaurence J. Lane
2001-03-17changelog madnessLaurence J. Lane
2001-03-07cleanup source namesLaurence J. Lane
2001-02-14Debian packages may now be built from output of make dist and friendsHorms
2001-01-24well if u have to have it in the makefile- have the files!Carsten Haitzler
2000-12-24assimilation and.. what was that?Laurence J. Lane
2000-11-29doesn't pass make distcheck!Carsten Haitzler
2000-11-26added debian stuff maaaaaaaaaaaaaaateHorms