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2011-04-21and tho the header has that func.. evas doesn't. remove it. seems thisCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20lets properly document filter calls and return sane valuesCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20and lets have getters for setters shall we - if we go implement 1 ofCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20and fix filter api to be consistent with evas.. letalone all of efl.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-20fix filter code to move docs to Evas.hCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-19Evas: Filters:Brett Nash
2011-04-14Evas text/textblock: Add setting bidi_delimiter API.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-12Evas Evas.h: Removed trailing whitespaces.Daniel Juyung Seo
2011-04-11many more shadow options (8 shadow directions now)Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-08doxy move to header.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-08doxy to h.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-04Evas Evas.h: Removed trailing whitespaces.Daniel Juyung Seo
2011-03-30flesh out valign prop to have real api. untested currently.Carsten Haitzler
2011-03-14evas: add memory image loader api. ask not how it works or i shallCarsten Haitzler
2011-03-08i cannot believe evas has lasted this long without this. obj ref &Carsten Haitzler
2011-02-14Evas textblock: Added a mode for setting newline behavior.Tom Hacohen
2011-02-09Remove the old 'proxy' functions.Brett Nash
2011-02-09Add evas_object_image_source_get, and fix NOTNULL() args to _source_setBrett Nash
2011-02-09Add header for image proxy.Brett Nash
2011-02-09Evas: Fixed a few 'implicit declaration' warnings.Christopher Michael
2011-02-07remove some commasMike Blumenkrantz
2011-02-06Support for Proxy Objects (and others)Brett Nash
2011-02-06Add the extra proxy convenience functions.Brett Nash
2011-02-06Proxy Object framework.Brett Nash
2011-02-01Evas table: Added "mirrored mode" to table. This is important for ui mirrorin...Tom Hacohen
2011-01-30Evas text: Added API to query text object's text direction.Tom Hacohen
2011-01-30Evas textblock: Added evas_textblock_cursor_pen_geometry_get.Tom Hacohen
2010-12-24add unload callback - missing event problem that makes it impossibleCarsten Haitzler
2010-12-06change native api to allow for other types of native data like textureCarsten Haitzler
2010-11-25evas_object_image_file_set can receives null to unsethelen
2010-11-09add scroll flag in addition to hold flag.Carsten Haitzler
2010-10-03Fix some misspellings.Christopher Michael
2010-09-25formattingVincent Torri
2010-09-22fix error enum tooCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-22fmting.Carsten Haitzler
2010-09-22fmtingCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-22docs++Carsten Haitzler
2010-09-22fmormatting cleanupsCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-22fmtingCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-22formattingCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-22formatting.Carsten Haitzler
2010-09-22warning--, formatting.Carsten Haitzler
2010-09-22size_t -> int.Carsten Haitzler
2010-09-22move some simple #define constants to typedefs. api compatible tho.Carsten Haitzler
2010-09-22fmtingCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-22formattingCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-22int -> boolCarsten Haitzler
2010-09-21 Adding callback for box to be called when a child is added or removed.Iván Briano
2010-09-20Evas textblock: Added evas_textblock_node_format_remove_pair to remove formats.Tom Hacohen
2010-09-18cleanup: simple clean of "comparison between signed and unsigned errors"Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri