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2011-04-21Evas textblock: Added a temp fix for repch until implemented nicely.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-21Evas textblock: Clean repch code a bit. No logic changes.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-21neon asm is not working. even after some typo fixes.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-21Evas: Filter: Don't leak keys either.Brett Nash
2011-04-21Evas: Filter: More aggresively avoid allocing filter data.Brett Nash
2011-04-21Evas: Filter: No need to allocate on a getter.Brett Nash
2011-04-21Evas: Filter: Use some ARGB joins.Brett Nash
2011-04-21Evas: Filter: Remove last vestiges of alpha/red/green/blue macrosBrett Nash
2011-04-20Evas: Filter: Fix filter length assignment.Brett Nash
2011-04-20Evas: Filter: Whitespace fixesBrett Nash
2011-04-20Evas: Filter: Handle memory alloc error a little more gracefullyBrett Nash
2011-04-20Evas bidi: Fixed spelling errors: NATURAL -> NEUTRAL (Macro name).Tom Hacohen
2011-04-20Evas text/textblock: Change item size calculation to use advance again.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-20filter: handle malloc failers without crashing.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-20lets properly document filter calls and return sane valuesCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20and lets have getters for setters shall we - if we go implement 1 ofCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20and fix filter api to be consistent with evas.. letalone all of efl.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-20more formatting fixes after filter commit.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-20and fix more filter messups. o->fitler will be leaked on obj deletionCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20more fixme fixes of filterCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20fix filter code to move docs to Evas.hCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-20oh dear... way too many warnings. added a whole bunch of fixme's tooCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-19Evas: Filter: Add evas_object_image filter changes.Brett Nash
2011-04-19Evas: Filters:Brett Nash
2011-04-17Evas textblock: Fixed an invalid read.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-14Evas text/textblock: Add setting bidi_delimiter API.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-14Evas textblock: Clean up a bit.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-14Evas textblock: Move bidi props to the layout paragraphs.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-14Evas textblock: Fixed invalid reads with ellipsis in some cases.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-14Evas textblock: Fixed ellipsis.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-14fix map update bug. :)Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-14Evas bidi: Added a way to ask for bidi segmentation indexes.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-14Evas textblock: Reformat if not valid in some cases we forgot.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas textblock Fixed a "may be used uninit" compiler warning.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas textblock: Removed unneeded casting.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas textblock: Fix error messages about bad cutoff positions.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas textblock: Clean up getting bidi props (unify to a function).Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas bidi: Add len parameter to evas_bidi_paragraph_props_getTom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas font-engine: Move, rename and make *_text_font_style_match static.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas textblock: Make sure we only test with positive indexes.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas textblock: Fixed a wrong test for end of string.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13fix slowdown - drew empty shadow when didnt need to.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-13Evas textblock: Don't keep a copy of the string per text item.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas font-engine: *text_props_script_set add parameter len.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-12fix new map bug! aaagh. i think this came in post 1.0 - happy now tho.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-12Evas evas_object_smart.c: Use pre-defined type, Evas_Smart_Cb, insteadDaniel Juyung Seo
2011-04-12fix some formattingCarsten Haitzler
2011-04-12Evas font-engine: Added support for runtime-italic/bold.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-12Evas textblock: Fix formatted size calculation with ellipsis.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-12Evas textblock: Removed obsolete comments.Tom Hacohen