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2012-11-13move libs already in EFL into... IN-EFL - this will stop/prevent/limitCarsten Haitzler
2012-11-04merge: and now EvasVincent Torri
2012-09-20foudn another native surface booboo - same as gl engine. fix too.Carsten Haitzler
2012-09-07fix image alpha set bug.Carsten Haitzler
2012-08-23Evas: Started using EVAS_GENERAL_CFLAGS/LIBS 2 vars to rule them all.Tom Hacohen
2012-07-05evas/cserve2: Always return FALSE to can_do_region whenRafael Antognolli
2012-07-04evas: add more infrastructure to the prepare stage of pipe rendering.Cedric BAIL
2012-06-22evas/cserve2: CServe2 client side lib modifications.Rafael Antognolli
2012-06-12Evas font: Support no bidi no shaping mode in font rendering.Tom Hacohen
2012-05-18evas: another improvement part of the previous lock less font rendering patch.Cedric BAIL
2012-05-14evas: warning--, tasn.happy++.Cedric BAIL
2012-05-14Fix pixman rendering support if you set alpha flag AFTERCarsten Haitzler
2012-05-10Fix whatever went wrong here that made software sluggish when not using pipe ...Iván Briano
2012-05-07And make map work with cserve2Iván Briano
2012-05-03evas/cserve2: fix typo that kept cserve2 disabledIván Briano
2012-05-01missing fribidi cflags in all places that include evas_private.h ...Carsten Haitzler
2012-04-30evas: remove unused parameter.Cedric BAIL
2012-04-26evas: remove EVAS_FRAME_QUEUING.Cedric BAIL
2012-02-27Fix linking complaints brought out by:Thanatermesis
2012-02-24From: Seungsoo Woo <>Seungsoo Woo
2012-02-18Evas: remove WIN32_CPPFLAGS and WIN32_CFLAGS are there are not used anymore. ...Vincent Torri
2012-01-20Added Direct Rendering to Evas' window instead of an FBO in Evas_GL.Sung Park
2012-01-19fix gcc warnings about set-but-unused and shadows of y1.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2012-01-11Evas (software_generic): Add UNUSED for params that are not usedChristopher Michael
2012-01-05evas: just disable Evas_GL support in software engine when we don't have dlopen.Cedric BAIL
2012-01-05Added EvasGL support for software backend finally. Sung Park
2011-12-14Evas: Software_Generic: Fix typo? for __UNUSED__.Christopher Michael
2011-12-13evas: Add api to know if an evas_object_image could support regionMichael BOUCHAUD
2011-11-20evas: warning--Cedric BAIL
2011-10-25warning--Carsten Haitzler
2011-10-21evas: coorectly dirty YUV data.Cedric BAIL
2011-10-18From: "Sung W. Park" <>Sung W. Park
2011-08-29evas: add NV12 and MT12 colorspace.Cedric BAIL
2011-08-11From: Jiyoun Park <>Jiyoun Park
2011-07-21evas: add software YUY2 colorspace converter.Cedric BAIL
2011-06-12remove .cvsignore filesBoris Faure
2011-06-02disable evas filter code. buggy. doesn't work right.Carsten Haitzler
2011-05-29Evas font-engine: Added two font opaque types.Tom Hacohen
2011-05-29Evas font-engine: Fixed font fallback in the same script run.Tom Hacohen
2011-05-20Evas: Add UNUSED to evas_engine function 'eng_image_load_error_get'Christopher Michael
2011-05-19fix load of data to ACTUALLY set the load error in evas's imageCarsten Haitzler
2011-05-03wrn--Carsten Haitzler
2011-05-02Evas font-engine: Remove passing of strings to font_draw.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-22an initial test at trying pixman instead of evas software rendering.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-20oh god. more warning fixes...Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-19Evas: Filters:Brett Nash
2011-04-13Evas font-engine: Fix the fallback fribidi shaper.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-13Evas font-engine: Fixed *props_info_create to accept a const string.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-12Evas font-engine: Added support for runtime-italic/bold.Tom Hacohen
2011-04-07Evas font-engine: Remove most of the passing of strings.Tom Hacohen