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2012-11-13move libs already in EFL into... IN-EFL - this will stop/prevent/limitCarsten Haitzler
thnigs like people using them and patching them, etc. SVN revision: 79255
2012-11-07Evas: cygwin portVincent Torri
Patch by Yaakov Selkowitz SVN revision: 78955
2012-11-04merge: and now EvasVincent Torri
I've tested make -j 3 install and it works nicely I've tested expedite with software and opengl xlib, and it works. Not tested other engines, so please report any problems (engines or other) on the ML. TODO: examples and tests, I'll add them later ISSUE: Eina_Unicode size check. It indirectly depends on eina_config.h, which is created at the end of the configure script. So its size is always 0. I don't know how that size is used, so I can't do a lot, for now. SVN revision: 78895
2012-11-03evas - I forgot vincent's work... Next time!ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78884
2012-11-03evas - .... I forgot vincent's work. next time.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78883
2012-11-03evas - clean the unused code.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78882
2012-11-03evas/object - no need to update events when source is invisibleChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78881
2012-11-02fix tb style value parsing issue with escapes.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 78859
2012-10-31evas/gl - share the evas gl engine for windows properly.ChunEon Park
Now elementary_test glview will be happy. SVN revision: 78707
2012-10-30EvasGL: fix clip bug while computing coordinates for Evas GLSung Park
direct rendering optimization. SVN revision: 78666
2012-10-30Evas textblock: tests should now work a bit better.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 78645
2012-10-30Evas textblock: Fixed more tb init issues.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 78644
2012-10-30evas/events - and remove unused funcChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78635
2012-10-30evas/events - fixed simple mistakeChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78634
2012-10-30evas/examples - added test cases for proxy visibility/eventsChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78633
2012-10-29Evas textblock: This time really fix the init.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 78629
2012-10-29Evas textblock: Fixed an issue with textblock init in some cases.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 78628
2012-10-29evas/image: Remove strange image_put from image_is_inside.Rafael Antognolli
This was a change introduced by a merge of code from tizen, with no explanation about why it was introduced. Removing it, since it is causing events with precise_is_inside set to segfault. See ticket #1673. SVN revision: 78617
2012-10-29Removed check on return parameter NULLity. Calling this function means that ↵Daniel Zaoui
the parameter returned is wanted. Signed-off-by: Daniel Zaoui <> SVN revision: 78607
2012-10-29evas/cserve2 - removed warningsChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78597
2012-10-28evas/event - clean the code and do stop when evas event is frozen.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78591
2012-10-28evas/events - do mouse_in/out for proxy sourceChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78590
2012-10-28Evas: Add missing UNUSED for function parameter, and remove an UNUSEDChristopher Michael
for a parameter that was actually used. Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <devilhorns@revolution.(none)> SVN revision: 78572
2012-10-28Evas: Fix uninitialized variable warnings.Christopher Michael
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <devilhorns@revolution.(none)> SVN revision: 78571
2012-10-28Evas: Add missing UNUSED for params.Christopher Michael
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <devilhorns@revolution.(none)> SVN revision: 78570
2012-10-28Evas: Add missing parens.Christopher Michael
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <devilhorns@revolution.(none)> SVN revision: 78569
2012-10-28Evas: Remove unused variable.Christopher Michael
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <devilhorns@revolution.(none)> SVN revision: 78568
2012-10-26evas/wayland_egl: Change some ifdefs to make it compile withot GLES.Rafael Antognolli
This will not make the engine work, but its build won't fail. SVN revision: 78554
2012-10-26evas/event - fill the insufficient source events calls funcs. ChunEon Park
pain in my ass! Still source_mouse_in, source_mouse_out needs to be implemented. SVN revision: 78531
2012-10-26evas/event - fixed memory leak in multi moveChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78528
2012-10-26evas/events - refactoring for optimization events handling (lazy processing)ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78500
2012-10-26evas/event - don't loop continuosly as possible when event is frozen ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78499
2012-10-25evas/proxy - rename variables to be shorter.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78460
2012-10-25evas/events - separate source_events feed functions. need to care more.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78458
2012-10-25oops printf--Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 78445
2012-10-25fix minor case of the segv's in evas.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 78443
2012-10-25evas: give a Warp 10 engine to XPM loader !Cedric BAIL
NOTE: If anyone know the moron who did think it was a great idea to make XPM the Freedesktop recommanded choice for icons, please give him a huge SPANK for me ! NOTE: There is in fact no reason why CServe2 and default loader code are not shared. The number of different line is small. I highly advise we make the effort to merge them back soon. SVN revision: 78424
2012-10-25evas - added Evas_Coord_Size, Evas_Coord_Precision_Size typesChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78417
2012-10-25evas/event - optimize to not transform coordinates again in map enabled case.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78415
2012-10-24evas/event - no more valid.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78390
2012-10-24evas/events - fix source event pass for map transformed.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78389
2012-10-24evas/events - add missing sinceChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78387
2012-10-24evas/event - dont pass events when source_events is falseChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78386
2012-10-24evas/event - refactoring for less codeChunEon Park
SVN revision: 78383
2012-10-24evas: fix gl_sdl b0rk.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 78381
2012-10-24evas/image - [E-devel] [PATCH][Evas] improve the ↵ChunEon Park
evas_object_image_source_visible_set docs Hi, Attached goes a patch improving the evas_object_image_source_visible_set documentation. Regards, Signed-Off-By: Leandro Dorileo<> SVN revision: 78379
2012-10-23fix possible size set segv in gl engine.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 78363
2012-10-23evas/proxy - added 2 more apis. not enough yet. will fix them soon.ChunEon Park
evas_object_image_source_events_set/get SVN revision: 78361
2012-10-23Evas textgrid: Fixed compilation warning.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 78360
2012-10-23Add @since 1.8 to all the defines added for Eo in Evas.h + fixes afterDaniel Zaoui
make doc. Signed-off-by: Daniel Zaoui <> SVN revision: 78358