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2011-12-04Evil : fix doc build, the release archive is updatedVincent Torri
SVN revision: 65868
2011-11-12 * src/lib/evil_stdio.c:Vincent Torri
Fix returned value of evil_fread_native() * doc/Doxyfile: * doc/head.html: * src/lib/Evil.h: * src/lib/dirent.h: * src/lib/dlfcn/dlfcn.h: * src/lib/evil_fcntl.h: * src/lib/evil_inet.h: * src/lib/evil_libgen.h: * src/lib/evil_stdio.h: * src/lib/evil_string.h: * src/lib/pwd.h: Update documentation SVN revision: 65105
2010-05-29 * doc/Doxyfile:Vincent Torri
define _MSC_VER so that code guarded by it can be processed by doxygen * src/lib/evil_stdio.c: * src/lib/evil_stdio.h: vasprintf() is also not in mingw crt * src/lib/evil_unistd.c: * src/lib/evil_unistd.h: getpid is declared and defined in mingw crt SVN revision: 49287
2009-10-14fix Evil documentationVincent Torri
SVN revision: 43077
2009-02-01 * doc/ Torri
* m4/efl_doxygen.m4: Missing modification of the variable DOXYGEN to efl_doxygen. Spotted by Albin Tonnerre (Lutin). SVN revision: 38891
2008-10-05missing fileVincent Torri
SVN revision: 36447
2008-10-05* m4:Vincent Torri
add m4 macro for doxygen, mpatrol and __attribute__ * doc: move Doxyfile from toplevel dir to doc/ * src/bin/ * src/lib/ * src/lib/dlfcn/ remove _DEPENDENCIES, add flags for mpatrol and put defines for EAPI * src/bin: add memcpy for i686. Need an asm expert to modify it * src/bin/memcpy_glibc_arm.S: formatting * src/bin/suite.c: fix seg fault by increasing the size of the buffers * src/bin/test_memcpy.c: add a test with a bigger size for the memory to copy * reorganise a lot, use m4 macro, add mpatrol support * add doc rule SVN revision: 36446