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2008-10-21 * m4/ac_attribute.m4:Vincent Torri
2008-09-15* Torri
2008-09-14Fix compilation with vc++. Based on patch by Dmitriy MazovkaVincent Torri
2008-09-13 * big rework of evil: put most of functions in evil.c in their own filesVincent Torri
2008-07-13* src/lib/Evil.h:doursse
2008-06-09* src/lib/Evil.h:doursse
2008-06-08* src/lib/Evil.h:doursse
2008-06-02* src/lib/Evil.h:doursse
2008-06-01Fix open, add getcwd, lstat, setenv, unsetenv and evil_homedir_get and fix ty...doursse
2008-05-11add wrapper around GetCurrentProcessId()doursse
2008-04-28* src/lib/Evil.h:doursse
2008-04-26reviewed by: <delete if not using a buddy>doursse
2008-03-23* src/lib/Evil.h:doursse
2008-03-05* src/lib/Evil.h:doursse
2008-03-05fix compilation with cegcc and minor fixingdoursse
2008-02-29update doc, add init/shutdown functions for the socket system, add Tor Lillqv...doursse
2008-02-27Here is the Evil library, which provides, for the Windows platform (XP or Mob...doursse