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2011-10-12Evil: simplify evil_wchar_to_char()Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 64023
2011-10-07Evil: remove useless flagsVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63911
2011-10-07Evil: fix recent autotools changes. Based on Shinwoo Kim's patch.Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 63910
2011-10-05Evil: add RTLD_DEFAULT support in dlsym() on Windows CEVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63847
2011-10-05fix warning when in UNICODE string formatVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63845
2011-10-05oups, too fast.Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 63844
2011-10-05Evil: add inet_ntop function from c-aresVincent Torri
* src/lib/evil_inet.c: * src/lib/evil_inet.h: * AUTHORS: add inet_ntop() function. Implementation from c-ares library. See AUTHORS. SVN revision: 63843
2011-09-14Evil: add RTLD_DEFAULT support for dlsym()Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 63373
2011-08-26change typedef for pid_tVincent Torri
SVN revision: 62862
2011-08-15evil: improve install.Cedric BAIL
Patch from Vincent Torri. SVN revision: 62492
2011-08-02that's it - remove autom4te.cache dirs again... - keep having to manyCarsten Haitzler
problems about it storing invalid config when the same build trees are shared between multiple architectures and machines. :( better we build right than build fast. SVN revision: 61974
2011-07-24Evil: prepare the 1.0 release. Put (all, evil as well as 'standard' ones) ↵Vincent Torri
the headers in $includedir/evil-vmaj SVN revision: 61640
2011-07-16revert last commit of mkstemp (remove _O_TEMPORARY flag in open())Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 61417
2011-06-17Evil : don't define open anymore (useless, now)Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 60466
2011-06-17formattingVincent Torri
SVN revision: 60465
2011-06-12remove .cvsignore filesBoris Faure
SVN revision: 60246
2011-05-19Evil:Vincent Torri
* src/lib/dlfcn/dlfcn.c: change '/' to '\' in paths * src/lib/evil_inet.c: * src/lib/evil_inet.h: * src/lib/Evil.h: * src/lib/ * AUTHORS: add inet_pton() function. Implementation from curl library. See AUTHORS. SVN revision: 59530
2011-04-02Evil: evil_stdlib.cVincent Torri
fix mkstemp() which didn't remove the file when the last file descriptor was closed SVN revision: 58274
2011-03-27rename libtool version names to fit libtool docVincent Torri
SVN revision: 58125
2011-03-20use lstrcmpi() to be case insensitiveVincent Torri
SVN revision: 57914
2011-03-03Evil: some headers could define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN. Prevent multipleVincent Torri
define of that macro SVN revision: 57505
2011-02-27 * Torri
force libtool >= 2.4 SVN revision: 57354
2011-02-23 * src/lib/evil_stdio.c:Vincent Torri
make vasprintf() compile on Windows CE * src/lib/evil_time.c: * src/lib/evil_time.h: add stub tzset() for Windows CE SVN revision: 57273
2011-02-04 * src/lib/evil_stdio.c:Vincent Torri
* src/lib/evil_stdio.h: Add asprintf() function. Add documentation for vasprintf(). Use _vcprintf() instead of vsnprintf() to get the length of the string, as recommended by MSDN. SVN revision: 56705
2011-02-03put visual studio files outside the libraries directoryVincent Torri
SVN revision: 56685
2011-01-06 * src/lib/evil_stdio.c:Vincent Torri
* src/lib/evil_stdio.h: better perror() declaration / definition SVN revision: 55954
2011-01-06add lineVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55953
2011-01-06add guards in config.h to avoid multiple inclusionsVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55936
2011-01-04 * src/lib/evil_unistd.c:Vincent Torri
* src/lib/evil_unistd.h: declare and define getpid() for Windows CE. SVN revision: 55854
2011-01-04dirent.h should be installed once onlyVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55851
2011-01-04 * src/lib/dlfcn/dlfcn.h:Vincent Torri
define (temporary) PATH_MAX on Windows CE. cegcc has a bug with limits.h. * src/lib/evil_stdio.c: * src/lib/evil_stdio.h: undefine temporary the definition of perror() on Windows CE SVN revision: 55845
2011-01-04update MAINTAINERCLEANFILESVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55844
2010-12-18fix segmentation fault in basename() and dirname()Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 55632
2010-12-18use _tzset instead of tzset with vc++Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 55631
2010-12-16use the same m4 variables than the other EFLVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55596
2010-12-13add dirname() functionVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55530
2010-12-12add usleep() for vc++Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 55525
2010-12-10fix warningVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55472
2010-12-10update vcproj filesVincent Torri
SVN revision: 55469
2010-11-06 * src/lib/Evil.h:Vincent Torri
* src/lib/evil_string.h: Fix doxygen documentation SVN revision: 54220
2010-11-06errno is managed by WindowsVincent Torri
SVN revision: 54219
2010-10-29 * src/lib/Evil.h:Vincent Torri
define offsetof for Windows CE SVN revision: 53982
2010-10-22[evil] use our own dirent structure and implementation instead ofVincent Torri
mingw one. SVN revision: 53773
2010-10-13remove useless file (copied when is run)Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 53377
2010-09-14* src/lib/ Torri
* src/lib/Evil.h: * src/lib/evil_time.c: * src/lib/evil_time.h: add locatime_r() for calendar in Elementary. SVN revision: 52263
2010-08-23remove -pedantic, too much noiseVincent Torri
SVN revision: 51565
2010-08-21Convert (hopefully) all comparisons to NULLLucas De Marchi
Apply badzero.cocci, badnull.coci and badnull2.cocci This should convert all cases where there's a comparison to NULL to simpler forms. This patch applies the following transformations: code before patch ||code after patch =============================================================== return a == NULL; return !a; return a != NULL; return !!a; func(a == NULL); func(!a); func(a != NULL); func(!!a); b = a == NULL; b = !a; b = a != NULL; b = !!a; b = a == NULL ? c : d; b = !a ? c : d; b = a != NULL ? c : d; b = a ? c : d; other cases: a == NULL !a a != NULL a SVN revision: 51487
2010-08-04FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi
* Remove vim modelines: find . -name '*.[chx]' -exec sed -i '/\/\*$/ {N;N;/ \* vim:ts/d}' \{\} \; find . -name '*.[chx]' -exec sed -i '/\/[\*\/] *vim:/d' \{\} \; * Remove leading blank lines: find . -name '*.[cxh]' -exec sed -i '/./,$!d' If you use vim, use this in your .vimrc: set ts=8 sw=3 sts=8 expandtab cino=>5n-3f0^-2{2(0W1st0 SVN revision: 50816
2010-05-29 * doc/Doxyfile:Vincent Torri
define _MSC_VER so that code guarded by it can be processed by doxygen * src/lib/evil_stdio.c: * src/lib/evil_stdio.h: vasprintf() is also not in mingw crt * src/lib/evil_unistd.c: * src/lib/evil_unistd.h: getpid is declared and defined in mingw crt SVN revision: 49287
2010-04-14 * src/lib/evil_stdio.c:Vincent Torri
* src/lib/evil_stdio.h: add vasprintf() function SVN revision: 48001