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2011-09-15emotion/smart: Remove fprintf left after debugging.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 63419
2011-09-15emotion/doc: Add @ingroup to new functions.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 63417
2011-09-15emotion/aspect: Add API to configure the aspect ratio policy.Rafael Antognolli
The new function emotion_object_keep_aspect_set() allow to set a policy that will automatically change the emotion object border property, based on the video aspect ratio and object current aspect ratio. Possible values are: * EMOTION_ASPECT_KEEP_NONE * EMOTION_ASPECT_KEEP_WIDTH * EMOTION_ASPECT_KEEP_HEIGHT * EMOTION_ASPECT_KEEP_BOTH * EMOTION_ASPECT_CROP * EMOTION_ASPECT_CUSTOM SVN revision: 63416
2011-09-15emotion/border: Add support for selecting the border colors.Rafael Antognolli
This is a simple API that implements colors for the borders specified by emotion_object_border_set(), using a background rectangle behind the emotion object. SVN revision: 63415
2011-09-15emotion/border: Add border/crop support for emotion objects.Rafael Antognolli
The emotion_object_border_set/get APIs were added, allowing one to specify a positive (border) or negative (crop) value for each of the edjes of the video being played. This allows easier setup on an Emotion object to keep the aspect ratio, either by adding black areas on it, or by cropping the exceding area of the video. NOTE: The specified border/crop is based on the original size of the video. If it is scaled (emotion object size is different from the video size), the borders will be scaled as well. Patch based on an original patch sent by Hugo Camboulive <>. SVN revision: 63414
2011-09-15eet: add eet_data_xattr helper.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63413
2011-09-15eina: add eina_xattr.{c,h}.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63412
2011-09-15eina: use eina safety check in eina_file.c.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63409
2011-09-15eina: add XAttr support to eina.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63408
2011-09-15ecore: prevent race condition when using sync call after begin/end.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63407
2011-09-14emotion: correctly destroy buffer.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63399
2011-09-14eina: fix eina inlist sorted insert (with and without state)Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63398
2011-09-14order of includesVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63397
2011-09-14clean generated filesVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63396
2011-09-14clean generated filesVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63395
2011-09-14add tests and coverage supportVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63394
2011-09-14fix and clarify more fd handler docsMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 63389
2011-09-14fix docs for ecore_main_fd_handler_delMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 63388
2011-09-14add main loop group to main docs pageMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 63387
2011-09-14Evil: add RTLD_DEFAULT support for dlsym()Vincent Torri
SVN revision: 63373
2011-09-14evas evas_name.c: Fixed indentation.Daniel Juyung Seo
SVN revision: 63369
2011-09-13more @since 1.1Mike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 63365
SVN revision: 63364
2011-09-13add @since 1.1 for some eventsMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 63363
2011-09-13Ecore_X(cb): Remove extra calls to ecore_x_flush. Move main loopChristopher Michael
flushing call to an idler like ecore_evas does...Thanks k-s ;) SVN revision: 63359
2011-09-13Ecore_X(cb): Add missing flush after xcb_send_event.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 63358
2011-09-13Ecore_X(cb): Add missing flush after xcb_send_event.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 63357
2011-09-12more useless ecore-con functions: ecore_con_server_fd_get and ↵Mike Blumenkrantz
ecore_con_client_fd_get SVN revision: 63344
2011-09-12AUTHORS - updated. ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 63342
2011-09-12Eina: Remove 'unused var' warnings from eina_inline_lock_void includeYouness Alaoui
SVN revision: 63340
2011-09-12Eina: Use @EINA_LIBS@ for static linking libs in .pc fileYouness Alaoui
SVN revision: 63339
2011-09-12Ecore-sdl: remove unused events and fix semicolon typo and docsYouness Alaoui
SVN revision: 63338
2011-09-12Escape: Add proper static linkins libs to .pc fileYouness Alaoui
SVN revision: 63336
2011-09-10you lied to me, cnp!Mike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 63320
2011-09-10null check for color_class_listMike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 63319
2011-09-09Ecore: If pkg-config doesn't find SDL, then try to use sdl-configYouness Alaoui
SVN revision: 63305
2011-09-09Escape: static linking libraries should go in Libs.private in .pc fileYouness Alaoui
SVN revision: 63304
2011-09-08Ecore_X(cb): Add missing window types to return in netwm code.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 63303
2011-09-08Ecore_X(cb): Dnd now works with efm. Add some debugging prints (toChristopher Michael
debug gtk dnd events). SVN revision: 63301
2011-09-08Ecore_X(cb): Add simple .Xdefaults file parser for getting dpi, cursorChristopher Michael
size, etc. NB: Xcb has no support for xrdb (yet), so parse dpi, etc from .Xdefaults (if exists). SVN revision: 63299
2011-09-08Evas: Add simple .Xdefaults files parsing to get DPI.Christopher Michael
NB: Xcb has no support (yet) for dealing with xrdb (Xresource database), so add a simple parser to read an .Xdefaults file and get things like xft.dpi. SVN revision: 63297
2011-09-08allow gnutls and openssl to be detected on WindowsVincent Torri
SVN revision: 63294
2011-09-08[evas] This seems to be the least fontconfig's compatibleGustavo Lima Chaves
version with our (current) code. SVN revision: 63293
2011-09-08edje - reverted embryo debug prints. ChunEon Park
they can be used to get outside of the managable control. SVN revision: 63281
2011-09-08ecore Ecore.h: Fixed documentation.Daniel Juyung Seo
SVN revision: 63280
2011-09-07edje - added print_int print_float print_str funcs for debugging in embryo ↵ChunEon Park
script SVN revision: 63275
2011-09-07Evas: If not threading, then LKT should not return 0, otherwise it will ↵Youness Alaoui
think it's a stuck lock SVN revision: 63270
2011-09-07Evas textblock: Added a workaround for the coords_recalc not being called.Tom Hacohen
Please, when you fix this annoying issue, revert this terrible commit. This commit is intended to be a temporary fix. SVN revision: 63267
2011-09-07eina: threads debugging back to work.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 63266
2011-09-07eina: Fix broken main loop thread checkMike McCormack
Signed-off-by: Mike McCormack <> SVN revision: 63263