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2012-11-05merge: evasVincent Torri
* remove magic debug output in evas part * always use version for pc file, it's actually safe * fix compilation of gl-sdl * avoid circular dependency of libevas on itself SVN revision: 78935
2012-11-05merge: evas fixesVincent Torri
* gl engines were checking for eet module, which does not exist when we install first the efl package. * fix pkgconfig values for static linking * add Evas output to configure SVN revision: 78918
2012-11-04merge: and now EvasVincent Torri
I've tested make -j 3 install and it works nicely I've tested expedite with software and opengl xlib, and it works. Not tested other engines, so please report any problems (engines or other) on the ML. TODO: examples and tests, I'll add them later ISSUE: Eina_Unicode size check. It indirectly depends on eina_config.h, which is created at the end of the configure script. So its size is always 0. I don't know how that size is used, so I can't do a lot, for now. SVN revision: 78895
2012-10-28Evas: If we are building wayland_egl and not gl_xlib, then we need toChristopher Michael
add a package check for gl_eet or else the gl_common code will not build. Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <devilhorns@revolution.(none)> SVN revision: 78573
2012-10-26evas/wayland_egl: Don't check and link against gl AND glesv2.Rafael Antognolli
Only one of them is necessary, based on the gl_flavor_gles flag. Also remove some extra checks and added link flags, since they are already done by pkg-config. SVN revision: 78555
2012-09-24and remove 16bit engines/code as planned.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 77030
2012-09-24and simplify gles suport to #ifdef GL_GLES :) we dont need sgx+6410Carsten Haitzler
stuff anymore. SVN revision: 77028
2012-07-09update all versions in @sincs, README's and's etc. toCarsten Haitzler
reflect a unified release version, for now 1.6.99. SVN revision: 73498
2012-06-19forget that oneVincent Torri
SVN revision: 72495
2012-03-17and work more on getting release in shape - version requirements.Carsten Haitzler
(god this is a pain in the butt) SVN revision: 69484
2012-02-23evas: remove software SDL engine, use buffer engine directly.Cedric BAIL
NOTE: I would like to do the same with software SDL 16bits engine. But as we don't have a buffer_16 backend, I am likely to just remove it and use buffer conversion code to match a 16bits target. This will come with a performance impact, that will make it useless. So I am just tempted to completly remove it. SVN revision: 68352
2012-01-28Evas (m4): Use simpler check for wayland egl. Don't resetChristopher Michael
'gl_flavor_gles' when checking for sgx support (if we reset gl_flavor_gles here, then the autofoo output always returns 'NO' for gles. SVN revision: 67572
2012-01-12Evas (wayland_egl): Fix egl detection in check_engine. (In theory, theChristopher Michael
old version of this w/ the 3 includes Should be working, but I've tested it on 2 machines now, and it fails on both with those lines in there, so I am removing them). Make wayland_egl engine Actually work and draw stuff now (too many code changes to list them all separately). See SVN revision: 67128
2011-12-26Evas: Add Wayland EGL engine (still experimental).Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 66541
2011-12-14Evas: Add a Wayland Shared Memory engine (similar to the buffer &Christopher Michael
framebuffer engines). Add Evas framespace set/get functions. SVN revision: 66223
2011-11-16update release candidate trees to their release version in preparationCarsten Haitzler
for alpha SVN revision: 65280
2011-11-10Evas: use -pthread instead of -lpthreadVincent Torri
SVN revision: 65030
2011-11-05Evas: Add a psl1ght engine for the PS3Youness Alaoui
SVN revision: 64779
2011-11-02evas: Add gl_cocoa engineNicolas Aguirre
SVN revision: 64653
2011-09-07Evas: Allow independent static compilation of software_16_sdl engineYouness Alaoui
SVN revision: 63247
2011-07-09Evas: Remove dependency on xcb-aux and add code to find the visualChristopher Michael
based on id, as we were only using one function from there. SVN revision: 61171
2011-07-08Evas: Fix up the check_engine macros for xcb engine & xlib changes.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 61137
2011-05-04From: Jiyoun Park <>Jiyoun Park
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Evas gl shader use binary shader I make patch related with evas gl binary shader. The concept of binary shader is compile shader only once. Some people want to use binary shader because of performance issue. In current evas gl engine, every application have to compile shader each time. But I modify code , so only first running application need compile shader. Other application use already compiled shader(binary shader) The binary shader is made under HOME/.evas/gl_common_shaders directory. Binary shader is created according to GL vendor,GL renderer, GL version and Module_arch. The basic flow is 1. First running application which use gl engine check binary shader directory, but it can't find binary shader. 2. After compiling shader, It saves compiled shaders.. 3. Other application checks shader directory, it can use binary shaders. In mobile target, using binary shader, I can save 150ms. (that time, there is 11 shaders). If there is more shaders and more applications, this flow maybe save more total time. (the above is now in, changelog coming, with change to using ~/.cache, some formatting fixes, make ity do the desktop gl one right with the retrievable hint parameter ont he program etc. - doesn't break desktop gl at least. yay. a,so fixes to mke it compile at all). SVN revision: 59167
2011-04-25oops - didnt mean to commit that. that was just an example.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 58897
2011-04-25From: "Sung W. Park" <>Sung W. Park
Subject: [E-devel] [Review] [Patch] Evas - OpenGL on Evas: surface texture creation patch I'm attaching a patch that addresses the awkward usage case. It's something that didn't bother me initially but the more I look at it, i think it's a little off. :-) The initial version of the evas_gl that I've submitted had the following use case. evasgl = evas_gl_new(e); sfc = evas_gl_surface_create(...); ctx = evas_gl_context_create(...); // Make current triggers surface texture and FBO to be created evas_gl_make_current(evasgl, sfc, ctx); // Then you can do a surface_get to retrieve the proper texture and set it evas_gl_native_surface_get(evasgl, sfc, &ns); evas_object_image_native_surface_set(img_obj, &ns); The unnatural thing about this use case is that you have to call the make_current one time in order for evas_gl to generate a surface texture. This is because you need a context to create a texture. Unfortunately, this makes the usage case really awkward. So, instead, I've decided to get rid of the need for calling the make_current by generating a surface texture when evas_gl_surface_create() is called by using the evas' gl context. This works because the newly created context shares resources with evas. in fact, this is what i'm currently doing with surface deletion anyway so I thought this solution was reasonable. Here's how it looks after you get rid of the make_current: evasgl = evas_gl_new(e); sfc = evas_gl_surface_create(...); ctx = evas_gl_context_create(...); evas_gl_native_surface_get(evasgl, sfc, &ns); evas_object_image_native_surface_set(img_obj, &ns); The patch is pretty small and straightforward. SVN revision: 58892
2011-04-05evas: remove useless check.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 58365
2011-04-05evas: and now is the death of Qtopia engine.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 58362
2011-04-05evas: one more death: gl_glew !Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 58360
2011-04-05evas: remove Evas Cairo backend.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 58359
2011-04-05evas: remove Evas Quartz backend.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 58358
2011-01-29Portability fixes for autoconf. Please test and verify onMichael Jennings
Debian/Ubuntu. Don't build GIF support by default. SVN revision: 56347
2010-11-16 * evas: fix static build of GL SDL engine.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 54589
2010-10-27make gles autodetect work.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 53907
2010-10-26stricter header checking.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 53906
2010-10-26more complete gl auto-checking in configure.acCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 53905
2010-07-28From: Alexander Kerner <>Alexander Kerner
Subject: [E-devel] 8bpp xcb evas engine Hi all, I've implemented the 8bpp grayscale evas engine. It is based on the 16bpp engine. It would be nice if someone could review the code and maybe commit into svn. The patches against evas and ecore are attached. SVN revision: 50560
2010-03-05Fix Objective C compiler detection and Mac OS X headerVincent Torri
files detection. It should work with and without an Objective C compiler. The problem is a bug in the AC_PROG_OBJC macro. Patch by Ralf Wildenhues SVN revision: 46890
2010-03-01fix links to include xrender linkCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 46695
2010-01-30dnl--Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 45728
2010-01-29Various fixes to enable building SDL/OpenGLESxcomputerman
SVN revision: 45692
2010-01-29Add OpenGL SDL enginexcomputerman
SVN revision: 45674
2009-11-09whatevr the obj c lang push thing is... it breaks evas' build entirely onCarsten Haitzler
normal linux. remove. SVN revision: 43589
2009-11-09Fix Cocoa.h detection on MacOSXRaoul HECKY
SVN revision: 43586
2009-10-12update build for gles on s3c6410 testingCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 43030
2009-10-11some infra for starting to handle dest-alpha (rgba) windows in gl engine.Carsten Haitzler
not sure shaped windows will ever be sanely possible. SVN revision: 43015
2009-10-10add --enable-gl-flavor-gles to force GLES flavor of GL instead of "standard"Carsten Haitzler
GL which will be preferred if it is found. this is for situations where you may have both GL and GLES. SVN revision: 42994
2009-10-09new gl engine. no one uses it anyway. not 100% complete, but much better thanCarsten Haitzler
the old. and it ALSO does GLES2.0 as well asn GL. SVN revision: 42982
2009-09-27 * use Requires.private field in evas.pc if pkg-config 0.22 is installed. We ↵Vincent Torri
list in it the required packages needed to compile eet. * remove uneeded flags that are in Libs.private (those from the packages that are listed in Requires.private) SVN revision: 42744
2009-08-03 * evas: Fix ticket #143 from Vincent Torri.Cedric BAIL SVN revision: 41565
2009-07-14 * rename 'x11' to 'xlib' when it makes senseVincent Torri
* allow the build of evas without xlib installed (for OpenInkpot guys) * add big fat warning when at least a module is linked statically (try it !) more patches will follow now (ecore, e, rage and ewl) I let pyton and c++ bindings maintainer to do the rename SVN revision: 41329