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2019-04-23mono-docs: Honor DESTDIR when installing XML docsXavi Artigas
The DESTDIR envvar was not being taken into account and the XML doc file ended up in a different place than the DLL. Fix T7802 Reviewed-by: Marcel Hollerbach <> Differential Revision:
2019-03-15meson: Enable generation of C# docs.Lauro Moura
Summary: In order to correctly install the xml file alongside the dll, a install script is used to work around meson's limitation of tracking files generated by library() other than the dll. Fixes T7722 Reviewers: segfaultxavi, bu5hm4n Reviewed By: segfaultxavi, bu5hm4n Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Maniphest Tasks: T7722 Differential Revision: