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2019-03-01meson - make evas loader confg install shell be binsh compliantCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this shell required bash. not good for example if on some unix systems like bsd that dont have bash... by defauklt. so make it /bin/sh compliant shell.
2018-12-27meson - dont install eina bench cmp and use install_modeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-12-27meosn - fix install of scripts and bins and their timestamps and modesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
i was comparing the bindir results of aurtofoo vs meson and some things were missing/poking out at me. this makes them be in sync - install the ewl_wl+test obnaries, ensure to chmod +x+r etc. scritps AND install them
2018-11-14meson- evas generic loader symlinks - fix to point to right placeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
symlinks for loaders and their extensions first pointers to an abs pathname that was bad for destdirs with packaging and they also linked to the wrong file - they had an extra . at the end due to link script not using basename right. this fixes both of these to now point relative (locally) and remove the . t the end so they work again.
2018-10-02here comes mesonMarcel Hollerbach
a new shiny buildtool that currently completes in the total of ~ 4 min.. 1 min. conf time 2:30 min. build time Where autotools takes: 1:50 min. conf time 3:40 min. build time. meson was taken because it went quite good for enlightenment, and is a traction gaining system that is also used by other mayor projects. Additionally, the DSL that is defined my meson makes the configuration of the builds a lot easier to read. Further informations can be gathered from the README.meson Right now, bindings & windows support are missing. It is highly recommented to use meson 0.48 due to optimizations in meson that reduced the time the meson call would need. Co-authored-by: Mike Blumenkrantz <> Differential Revision: Depends on D7011