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* build: keep our CLEANFILES tidy to avoid argument list too long during cleanStefan Schmidt2016-03-311-2/+0
* eolian: temporary disable strict mode as elementary can not be built with it.Cedric BAIL2016-03-231-4/+4
* eolian: re-enable strict validationDaniel Kolesa2016-02-181-4/+4
* Revert "eolian: strict validation for EFL (errors by default)"Cedric BAIL2016-02-171-4/+4
* eolian: strict validation for EFL (errors by default)Daniel Kolesa2016-02-171-4/+4
* eolian: verbose type warnings for EFL by defaultDaniel Kolesa2016-02-161-2/+2
* eolian: allow silencing of type errors in validationDaniel Kolesa2016-02-101-2/+2
* eolian generator: remove useless --eo argumentDaniel Kolesa2015-11-091-3/+3
* Revert "Eolian: fix eolian helper for windows."Stefan Schmidt2015-07-221-2/+2
* Eolian: fix eolian helper for windows.Tom Hacohen2015-07-161-2/+2
* autotools: provide smaller EOLIAN_FLAGS for customizationDaniel Kolesa2015-06-011-4/+4
* autotools: remove EOLIAN_FLAGSDaniel Kolesa2015-06-011-4/+4
* Evas: Add a general evas types header.Tom Hacohen2015-05-291-1/+6
* autotools: fix non-verbose build outputDaniel Kolesa2015-04-281-6/+9
* eolian: fix build of generated Eolian files.Guilherme Lepsch2015-04-281-0/+3
* Compilation: align EOLIAN, EDJ with CC and othersJean-Philippe Andre2014-05-121-1/+1
* Eolian/Generator: support --eo.Daniel Zaoui2014-04-231-2/+2
* Eolian helper: Depend on eolian_gen when building externally as well.Tom Hacohen2014-03-191-1/+1
* Eolian Helper file: Fixed generation of legacy headers.Tom Hacohen2014-03-071-1/+1
* Eolian helper: Fixed rule dependency to correctly depend on eolian_gen.Tom Hacohen2014-03-061-5/+7
* Eolian: Updated Eolian_Helper.Tom Hacohen2014-03-031-0/+13
* Eolian: Split eolian build helper a different file.Tom Hacohen2014-03-031-0/+9