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2016-03-18efl js: Add clean up callbacks to deallocate memory used in v8::ExternalVitor Sousa
Add several garbage collector callbacks for cleaning allocated C and C++ data used inside v8:External objects. Fix eo_unref of already freed object in eo_js_construct_from_eo.hh. Ensure all structs are allocated with malloc. Add test for garbage collection. Had to created .sh script because shebang clause do not support multiple arguments.
2015-12-23efl-js: JavaScript Eolian bindingFelipe Magno de Almeida
To configure efl sources with bindings to use in nodejs add ––with-js=nodejs in configure flags to generate node files $ configure --with-js=nodejs and compile normally with: $ make $ make install To use, you have to require efl: efl = require('efl') The bindings is divided in two parts: generated and manually written. The generation uses the Eolian library for parsing Eo files and generate C++ code that is compiled against V8 interpreter library to create a efl.node file that can be required in a node.js instance. @feature