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2017-12-13efl: drop deprecated Encoding key from desktop filesRoss Vandegrift
2017-11-01elm: Major cleanup of EO filesJean-Philippe Andre
2017-06-09elementary entry: update focus state when editable state is changedYoungbok Shin
2016-12-12Ui text: move tests to test_efl_ui_text.cDaniel Hirt
2016-12-12Ui text: disable selection handler from testDaniel Hirt
2016-11-16elmentary_test: test_entry4Umesh Tanwar
2016-11-04elementary/test_entry: resize window on test without itBruno Dilly
2016-11-01elementary entry: keep style user when new theme is appliedYoungbok Shin
2016-10-21elm test: correct elm_entry_autocapital_type_set() argumentShuhrat Dehkanov
2016-10-05Ui text: port link anchors from entryDaniel Hirt
2016-08-30Efl object: Rename Eo_Event -> Efl_Event.Tom Hacohen
2016-08-15Eo: Finish the renaming of Eo to the EFL.Tom Hacohen
2016-08-11Change the EFL to follow the new Eo rename.Tom Hacohen
2016-08-05Simple test case to spot out a bad bug in elm.EntryDave Andreoli
2016-07-12Ui text: port more functionality to the testDaniel Hirt
2016-07-12Ui text: bring back selection handlers supportDaniel Hirt
2016-07-12Ui text: make scroller workDaniel Hirt
2016-07-07Revert "elm_entry: remove unnecessary text clearing in text_set"Hermet Park
2016-07-06elm_entry: remove unnecessary text clearing in text_setJiwon Kim
2016-07-04test: Fix strange black rectangle in a test caseJean-Philippe Andre
2016-06-27Ui text: make elm test editableDaniel Hirt
2016-06-27Ui text: port item support from EntryDaniel Hirt
2016-06-27elm test: Remove unused variableJean-Philippe Andre
2016-06-27elm_entry: restrict focus region to inside of entry object areaJiwon Kim
2016-06-20Adjust the code according to the eo event stop changes.Tom Hacohen
2016-06-20Edje, Elementary: Remove <password=off> tag when password mode is disabledYoungbok Shin
2016-06-16Ui text: introduce this new text widgetDaniel Hirt
2016-05-26Elm entry: fix returning wrong focus regionJiwon Kim
2016-05-18eo: for consistency use object like all our API.Cedric Bail
2016-05-12entry: add elm_entry_select_allow_set/get APIsYoungbok Shin
2016-04-27elementary: fix a few non-standard icon namesAndy Williams
2016-03-23elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location.Cedric BAIL
2016-03-03Automatic migration to Eo4.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-29Eo events: Migrate all of elm to the new event callback signaturesTom Hacohen
2016-02-12entry: add elm_entry_select_region_get() APIYoungbok Shin
2015-12-11Entry: Context Menu is now configurableVaibhav Gupta
2015-10-01entry: remove evas_object_propagate_events_set() calls on buttons in test.ChunEon Park
2015-10-01test/entry: add editable setThiep Ha
2015-08-08Add a no-wrap mode to the "Entry Style Default" testDave Andreoli
2015-06-03Elm: Add context,open signal in elm_entry.shilpa.singh
2015-04-02Elm helper: fix compilation against elementary.Tom Hacohen
2015-04-02Revert "Revert "Elm helper: add the posix regex validator.""Tom Hacohen
2015-04-02Revert "Elm helper: add the posix regex validator."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-04-01Elm helper: add the posix regex validator.Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-10-29entry/test: make scrollable entries visibleThiep Ha
2014-05-13entry: Fix a test case for editable, non-editable entry.Youngbok Shin
2014-03-10Entry test code: Added example to show the last character of entered passwordAnand
2014-03-02elm: removing trailing white space ceremony for 1.9 release.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-14test entry: make the minimum bug I see (hopefully) more visible.davemds
2014-02-10test_entry: Refactored entry user style sample code.Daniel Juyung Seo