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* test_ui_popup: Move code for Efl.Ui.Popup classes from test_popupJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-585/+0
* test_popup: modify Efl.Ui.Popup Sample CodeTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-87/+274
* efl_ui_popup_alert: Define Clicked_Event structureJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-7/+8
* efl_ui_popup: replace title_set to efl_text_set with efl_partJinYong Park2017-11-281-3/+3
* test_popup: Fix Efl Ui Popup Anchor test titleJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-1/+1
* efl_ui_popup: add timeout propertyTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-1/+16
* efl_ui_popup_anchor: add Efl.Ui.Popup.Anchor classJinYong Park2017-11-281-0/+116
* efl_ui_popup: remove efl_ui_popup_position_setJinYong Park2017-11-281-1/+1
* efl_ui_popup_alert_text: add Efl.Ui.Popup.Alert.Text ClassTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+33
* efl_ui_popup_alert_scroll: add Efl.Ui.Popup.Alert.Scroll classTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+36
* efl_ui_popup_alert: add Efl.Ui.Popup.Alert classTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+44
* efl_ui_popup: add align and position propertiesTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-2/+91
* efl_ui_popup: add bg_set and bg_repeat_events_set/get APIJinYong Park2017-11-281-2/+39
* efl_ui_popup: add Efl.Ui.Popup classTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+28
* tests: elm_popup: mark unused parameter as such to avoid warningStefan Schmidt2017-07-141-1/+1
* popup: fix sizing eval logic when scrollable set TRUEJinYong Park2017-07-111-3/+14
* notify: fix hide animation logic for popupJinYong Park2017-04-121-1/+1
* popup: add popup default scrollable flag config for other profiles.Jinyong Park2016-05-171-23/+18
* Revert "popup: default scrollable option change to TRUE"Dave Andreoli2016-05-151-17/+23
* popup: default scrollable option change to TRUEJinyong Park2016-05-131-23/+17
* elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location.Cedric BAIL2016-03-231-0/+934