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* elm: explicitly include Efl_Ui.h in binariesMike Blumenkrantz2019-03-071-0/+1
* efl.ui.win: remove all legacy types and functions from eo fileMike Blumenkrantz2019-03-041-3/+3
* api: rename efl.gfx.entity geometry events and add geometry data to those eventsMike Blumenkrantz2019-02-221-2/+2
* api: efl.gfx.hints.change,size,hints -> efl.gfx.hints.hints,changedMike Blumenkrantz2019-02-211-2/+2
* api: efl.gfx.size_hints -> efl.gfx.hintsMike Blumenkrantz2019-02-211-13/+13
* Revert "efl_add_ref - fis to use efl_add properly with a parent."Cedric BAIL2018-05-241-1/+1
* Efl.Gfx.Entity (from Efl.Gfx)Xavi Artigas2018-04-241-5/+5
* efl_add_ref - fis to use efl_add properly with a parent.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2018-03-291-1/+1
* efl: use efl_add_ref to create objects which have no parentCedric BAIL2018-03-201-1/+1
* efl: Use Eina.Size2D for size hint combined minJean-Philippe Andre2017-09-181-4/+3
* efl: Use Eina.Size2D for size hint minJean-Philippe Andre2017-09-181-7/+7
* efl: Use Eina.Size2D for size hint maxJean-Philippe Andre2017-09-181-7/+8
* efl: Use Eina.Size2D for Efl.Gfx.sizeJean-Philippe Andre2017-09-181-3/+4
* elm_test: Remove calls to visible_set for EO objectsJean-Philippe Andre2017-08-041-5/+0
* win: Remove special class Efl.Ui.Win.StandardJean-Philippe Andre2017-05-171-3/+3
* tests: win_dialog: remove unused variableStefan Schmidt2017-05-121-2/+2
* efl ui win -> add test for centering + fix center of window before showCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2017-05-121-0/+36
* win: Implement max size hint supportJean-Philippe Andre2016-11-301-2/+55
* win: Implement unresizable mode (fixed size windows)Jean-Philippe Andre2016-11-231-2/+2
* win: Add content_set API for window main contentJean-Philippe Andre2016-11-231-2/+36
* elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location.Cedric BAIL2016-03-231-0/+48