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7 dayseolian-cxx: Rename fields to standard namingLauro Moura1-1/+1
11 dayscsharp: Respect beta for type aliasesLauro Moura1-1/+6
2019-09-24efl/player: pos -> playback_positionMike Blumenkrantz1-1/+1
2019-09-10csharp: Skip non-public members from interfacesLauro Moura1-0/+12
2019-08-06efl_input_hold: replace hold property name with input_holdYeongjong Lee1-2/+1
2019-08-05efl_input_key: replace key property name with key_symYeongjong Lee1-11/+2
2019-04-05csharp: Make classes abstract and rework castingLauro Moura1-0/+1
2019-03-26eolian_csharp: add indentation contextVitor Sousa1-8/+8
2019-03-21efl-csharp: Add back I prefix for interfaces.Lauro Moura1-1/+17
2019-03-11efl-csharp: Respect beta for classes and other stuff.Lauro Moura1-1/+44
2019-01-17efl-mono: Enable selecting to build @beta itemsLauro Moura1-1/+24
2019-01-11efl-csharp: Temporarily blacklist forwarder function.Lauro Moura1-0/+1
2018-12-21doc: Turn comments from EO to C# XML syntaxXavi Artigas1-2/+7
2018-12-14eolian_mono: Add support for C# style propertiesLauro Moura1-5/+8
2018-12-06csharp: Change to new class API.Lauro Moura1-0/+2
2018-11-29csharp: Change to new class API.Lauro Moura1-0/+2
2018-05-23efl_mono: Fix events after Event_Description rename.Lauro Moura1-1/+1
2018-05-17efl_mono: Initial support for Futures/PromisesLauro Moura1-1/+3
2018-05-11efl_mono: Support type aliases.Lauro Moura1-0/+5
2018-05-03efl_mono: More uniformization of the handling of namesLauro Moura1-2/+2
2018-04-26efl_mono: Reorganize utility functions.Lauro Moura1-2/+31
2018-04-03csharp: Support argument marshalling in func ptrsLauro Moura1-1/+0
2017-12-14efl-mono: Add workaround for efl_ui_listFelipe Magno de Almeida1-0/+3
2017-12-14efl.image.load: fix eolian redefine warnings for load_error{}Amitesh Singh1-1/+0
2017-12-04eolian_mono: Add evas_table_mirrored_get/set to blLauro Moura1-0/+2
2017-12-04eolian_mono: Added code for eolian_mono generatorLauro Moura1-0/+48