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2017-12-13efl: drop deprecated Encoding key from desktop filesRoss Vandegrift
Summary: The Encoding key is no longer required, all desktop files are assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. See details at: Fix various typos and misspellings lintian, Debian's package checker, uses strings to check for common typos in compiled binaries. This change fixes the ones it identified in 1.20.6. Reviewers: cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-04-21Ethumb: Fix clang warningJean-Philippe Andre
Unused function.......
2014-12-09ethumb: Fixing eina_init to eina_shutdown.Srivardhan Hebbar
Summary: In the end we should call eina_shutdown, but by mistake eina_init is being called. So have corrected that. @fix Signed-off-by: Srivardhan Hebbar <> Reviewers: devilhorns Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision:
2014-08-27ethumbd - check arg signatureCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fix CID 1039708
2014-08-27ethumbd - check signature typeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fix CID 1039709
2014-08-27ethumbd - check arg signaature typeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fix CID 1039710
2014-08-27ethumb - check signature of arguments for cropCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fix CID 1039711
2014-08-22ethumbd - check eldbus_service_object_data_get return like everywhereCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this fixes CID 1039338
2014-07-07ethumb: fix setup related API problemwonguk.jeong
Summary: setup related API was not working at all due to below problems 1. dbus type signature is wrong. it's array of dictionary not array of struct 2. since quality value was assigned to compress value, there was a problem during saving png image (out of bound) 3. orientation_set API was not working except NONE and ORIGINAL @fix Test Plan: make thumbnail by using elm_thumb_add -> orientation set to 90 CCW -> check whether image is rotated properly or not Reviewers: raster, cedric CC: seoz, cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2013-12-28ethumbd - stop using an idler that spins at 100% cpu while generating queuesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-12-28ethumbd - if thumb gen takes too long don't just quit ethumbd, but skip thumbCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-12-28ethumbd - drop priority to 19 like efreetd so it lurks in bg as much as it canCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-12-26efl: Unified eina critical manro to CRI.Daniel Juyung Seo
Being annoyed by different types of eina critical macros - CRI, CRIT, CRITICAL -, I concluded to unify them to one. Discussed on IRC and finally, CRI was chosen to meet the consistency with other macros - ERR, WRN, INF, DBG - in terms of the number of characters. If there is any missing bits, please let me know.
2013-12-13ethumbd - fix possible out of bounds access to work tableCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this should fix CID 1039314 in case an unsused table slot cannot be found. this should actualyl never happen because table expands/allocs zero out new entires so they are "unused".
2013-07-09ethumb - fix ethumbd timeout to always work at start and mid-run too.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-07-09ethumbd timeout to 30s to not timeout in middle of long generateCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-07-09up ethumbd timeout to 10sec by defaultCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-07-04ethumbd - set default timeout for ethumbd to 2 secondsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-05-07ethumbd: explicitly set flags and service desc fields to NULL in static structsJérémy Zurcher
2013-04-23Rename edbus->eldbusLucas De Marchi
git grep -l edbus2 | while read f; do sed -i 's/edbus2/eldbus/g' "$f"; done find . -name '*edbus2*' -exec rename edbus2 eldbus {} \; git grep -l "EDBUS" | while read f; do sed -i 's/EDBUS/ELDBUS/g' "$f"; done git grep -l "EDBus" | while read f; do sed -i 's/EDBus/Eldbus/g' "$f"; done git grep -l "edbus (v2)" | while read f; do sed -i 's/edbus (v2)/eldbus/g' "$f"; done git grep -l "Edbus" | while read f; do sed -i 's/Edbus/Eldbus/g' "$f"; done git grep -l "edbus" | while read f; do sed -i 's/edbus/eldbus/g' "$f"; done find . -name '*edbus*' -exec rename edbus eldbus {} \; find . -name '*EDBus*' -exec rename EDBus Eldbus {} \;
2013-01-15fix directory structure: move ethumd_client out of ethumb.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
it's another library, do not mix stuff as it used to be. SVN revision: 82835
2013-01-12merge ethumb.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
This one was a painful bitch. The edbus2 port was quite broken, mainly leaking eina_stringshare and also not adding the '\0' to the strings that are represented as bytearray (paths cannot be utf8 to avoid translations). Emotion plugin was also quite bogus and the video thumbnail as edje (animated) is not working yet due bug in Edje_Edit api -- someone needs to investigate this, seems strange. Emotion plugin also had a bug that it was deleting the object from inside object callback. Now it seems to work. Please report if it does not. SVN revision: 82675
2012-12-18ethumb: better naming for signal argumentsLucas De Marchi
having the same argument names in a D-Bus signal/method is the equivalent in C to have a function with this signature: int my_func(int a, int a, int a, int a); Don't. SVN revision: 81309
2012-12-18ethumb: don't use edbus_service_signal_new()Lucas De Marchi
this function is being removed from edbus. SVN revision: 81308
2012-12-18ethumb: rename edbus functionsLucas De Marchi
SVN revision: 81298
2012-12-14ethumb: Remove unused stringsJosé Roberto de Souza
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza <> SVN revision: 80953
2012-12-03ethumb: Port to edbus v2José Roberto de Souza
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza <> SVN revision: 80103
2012-11-27ethumb: Fix license on ethumbd.c too.Rafael Antognolli
It was intended to be LGPL-2.1 too. Bad copy & paste :-( SVN revision: 79756
2012-11-27Ethumb: Fix license reporting on executables's --version output.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 79748
2011-12-06Ethumb: formatting, fix future compilation on WindowsVincent Torri
SVN revision: 65946
2011-06-01ethumb: fix restart of ethumbd_slave.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 59862
2011-04-21ethumb: prevent ecore exe handler from being called more than once.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 58788
2011-04-21ethumb: cleanup ethumbd to prepare multi slave support.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 58787
2011-02-15From: Eduardo Felipe <>Eduardo Felipe
Subject: [E-devel] [PATCH] Fix ethumbd FDO and orientation support FDO was a noop and orientation was partially implemented on the master and not at all on the slave. These patches fix both bugs. Fix-FDO-support-in-ethumbd SVN revision: 57043
2011-02-15From: Eduardo Felipe <>Eduardo Felipe
Subject: [E-devel] [PATCH] Fix ethumbd FDO and orientation support Add-orientation-support-to-ethumbd SVN revision: 57042
2010-08-21Convert (hopefully) all comparisons to NULLLucas De Marchi
Apply badzero.cocci, badnull.coci and badnull2.cocci This should convert all cases where there's a comparison to NULL to simpler forms. This patch applies the following transformations: code before patch ||code after patch =============================================================== return a == NULL; return !a; return a != NULL; return !!a; func(a == NULL); func(!a); func(a != NULL); func(!!a); b = a == NULL; b = !a; b = a != NULL; b = !!a; b = a == NULL ? c : d; b = !a ? c : d; b = a != NULL ? c : d; b = a ? c : d; other cases: a == NULL !a a != NULL a SVN revision: 51487
2010-07-08Fix memory alignment and remove dead/useless code.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
* those write to stderr were legacy from development, some of them were even wrongly accessing out-of-buffer memory; * some platforms cannot access non-aligned memory, like integers that are not aligned to sizeof(int) and do on. Change the generated message using memcpy to aligned memory before using them. Add comment to explain that; SVN revision: 50135
2010-07-01Fix nasty cenourette.Iván Briano
Also from Raphael Kubo, you can ask him what the commit message means (rakuco around the irc plane of existence) SVN revision: 49976
2010-07-01More from Raphael Kubo, register log domainsIván Briano
SVN revision: 49975
2010-07-01From Raphael Kubo da Costa, fix callbacks to match Ecore changesIván Briano
SVN revision: 49974
2010-03-02remove spurious \n for eina_log messages.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
SVN revision: 46756
2010-03-02fix llvm/clang and gcc errors.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
NOTE: mixing write() and fprintf() to the same descriptor (stderr, done by ERR()), will likely cause problems :-/ SVN revision: 46753
2009-12-01ethumb: now using ecore_exe to start the slave.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 44092
2009-10-19The "generated" D-Bus signal is published with an int64 as it firstJoão Paulo Rechi Vita
parameter but an int32 is sent instead. Patch by: João Paulo Rechi Vita <> --This lina, and those below, will be ignored-- M ethumb/src/bin/ethumbd.c SVN revision: 43160
2009-10-19Sending an empty byte array to Ethumbd through the D-Bus API wasJoão Paulo Rechi Vita
leading to a segfault. Patch by: João Paulo Rechi Vita <> SVN revision: 43159
2009-09-17Ethumb improvements and more docs.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
make some types unsigned int to better represent what they will contain, fix dbus api to match so. SVN revision: 42545
2009-09-17configure summary, maximum log level and other improvements.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
Have all source to include config.h conditionally (HAVE_CONFIG_H), define EINA_LOG_LEVEL_MAXIMUM, minor changes to to make it conform with the rest of efl. SVN revision: 42544
2009-09-12API BREAK: Fix Ethumb API to be more EFL-likeGustavo Sverzut Barbieri
* Callbacks were named to help Vala bindings. * All callbacks get 'void *data' as first argument, always. * All async methods get free_data parameters and call them also on disconnect() * queue_remove() renamed to generate_cancel() to be more clear. * queue_clear() renamed tp generate_cancel_call() to be more clear. SVN revision: 42445
2009-09-06Update to match new EINA init/shutdown.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
SVN revision: 42301
2009-07-17indent.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
SVN revision: 41397