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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2014-10-28inotify: Fix safety after read in 3 placesJean-Philippe Andre
Fixes Coverity issues: - CID 1039565 - CID 1039566
2014-08-27evas cserve2 - fix check of fcntl returnCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fix CID 1039706
2013-10-28evas/cserve2: catch only SIGINT from cserve2Jean-Philippe Andre
SIGTERM and SIGQUIT don't need to be caught. the proper signal to ask cserve2 to exit cleanly is SIGINT. enlightenment_start (or systemd) should be responsible for restarting in case of crash / unexpected termination. cserve2 will not restart if killed with signal SIGINT, as it will then exit with return code 0 (normal)
2013-10-28evas/cserve2: Add compile-time log level flag for cserve2Jean-Philippe Andre
DBG and INF messages pollute the logs and performance reports from valgrind, let's disable them at build-time for better benchmarking. Fix other compilation warnings and clean code a bit
2013-06-14evas/cserve2: Handle SIGINT properlyJean-Philippe Andre
2013-06-14evas/cserve2: catch more signals and exit nicelyJean-Philippe Andre
Also, ignore USR1 and USR2.
2013-06-14evas/cserve2: Add UID to shm file pathJean-Philippe Andre
+ Improve debug for corner case (never happened)
2013-06-04evas/cserve2: fix fonts flags.Jean-Philippe Andre
aka: fix italic fonts or T25 . Signed-off-by: Cedric Bail <>
2013-03-21Evas cserve2: Remove useless var when calculating size of sun_path.Tom Hacohen
I have no idea how I missed these 2.
2013-02-26evas: Fix buffer overflows on environment variablesHenrique Dante de Almeida
2013-02-13small change to something never used/tested much ... cserve2 - FAIL ifCarsten Haitzler
an existing cserve 2 client is there. SVN revision: 83866
2012-11-04merge: and now EvasVincent Torri
I've tested make -j 3 install and it works nicely I've tested expedite with software and opengl xlib, and it works. Not tested other engines, so please report any problems (engines or other) on the ML. TODO: examples and tests, I'll add them later ISSUE: Eina_Unicode size check. It indirectly depends on eina_config.h, which is created at the end of the configure script. So its size is always 0. I don't know how that size is used, so I can't do a lot, for now. SVN revision: 78895