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2020-02-26exactness: use eina_strdup() to avoid extra NULL checkingStefan Schmidt
2020-02-26exactness: check return code from ecore_evas_initStefan Schmidt
2020-02-26exactness: avoid leak on leaving scopeStefan Schmidt
2020-02-26exactness: player: allow space for the terminating nullStefan Schmidt
2020-02-25exactness: injector: free local buffersStefan Schmidt
2020-02-25exactness: inspect: free image before leaving scopeStefan Schmidt
2020-02-25exactness: close file we openedStefan Schmidt
2020-02-25exactness: inspect: free local allocation before leaving scopeStefan Schmidt
2020-02-25exactness: inspect: fix memory leak of buffer in error pathStefan Schmidt
2020-02-12exactness_player: fix running of exactness player after compile fixStefan Schmidt
2020-02-10exactness_player: make use of PATH_MAX define instead of posix variantStefan Schmidt
2020-02-07exactness: fix osx buildMarcel Hollerbach
2020-02-07exactness: cleanup some coding style isuesStefan Schmidt
2020-02-07exactness: fix init/shutdown handling of efl components in various binariesStefan Schmidt
2020-02-07exactness: remove unused codeStefan Schmidt
2020-02-07exactness: remove no longer needed EO and BETA API definesStefan Schmidt
2020-02-07exactness: print out statistics at the end of the runStefan Schmidt
2020-02-07exactness: import code from external repo into efl.gitDaniel Zaoui