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2019-11-20csharp: Components enum are flags now.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-20csharp: Hiding p-invokes.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-20csharp: Specifying StringComparison.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-19csharp: Add IEquatable on classes.Lauro Moura
2019-11-15csharp: More CA2000 fixesLauro Moura
2019-11-14csharp: Disposing IDisposable objects.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-13csharp: Some missing conversionsLauro Moura
2019-11-12csharp: Add To and From methods for implicit conversion.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-12mono: reduce duplicated event codeYeongjong Lee
2019-11-12dotnet: Generate doc and check for warningsLauro Moura
2019-11-07csharp: Localization strings with CultureInfo.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-07csharp: Fix running headless tests in dotnetLauro Moura
2019-11-06csharp: Revamp dotnet supportLauro Moura
2019-11-04csharp: Changing visibility of nested class/structBruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-01eo_mono: make Efl.EventDescription, Efl.Event, Efl.EventCb internalYeongjong Lee
2019-11-01mono: blacklist efl_threadYeongjong Lee
2019-11-01csharp: Refactor MarshalOwnLauro Moura
2019-10-31mono: blacklist elm_general.eotYeongjong Lee
2019-10-31mono: blacklist efl_ui_text_context_menu_item_addYeongjong Lee
2019-10-31mono: remove duplicated EinaFreeCb delegateYeongjong Lee
2019-10-31csharp: space after keywords.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-30csharp: FunctionWrapper doc fixesLauro Moura
2019-10-29mono: encapsulate internal workaround membersLauro Moura
2019-10-29mono: encapsulate internal iwrapper membersLauro Moura
2019-10-28csharp: Add comparables operator to eina_error.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-28csharp: Add comparables operators to eina_value.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-28eina_mono: remove exceptions in unexpected locationsYeongjong Lee
2019-10-28mono: encapsulate internal NativeModuleLauro Moura
2019-10-28mono: encapsulate internal FunctionWrapperLauro Moura
2019-10-28mono: encapsulate internal nativemethodsLauro Moura
2019-10-28mono: encapsulate internal Add/RemoveNativeEventHandlerYeongjong Lee
2019-10-28mono: encapsulate internal CustomMarshalerYeongjong Lee
2019-10-28mono: introduce friend assemblyYeongjong Lee
2019-10-28csharp: Add missing exception ctr from iwrapper.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-25eina_array: add paramName argument of ArgumentNullExceptionYeongjong Lee
2019-10-25csharp:Using Array.Empty genericmodel.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-25csharp: Changing Count() to Length on eina_value.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-25csharp: Using Count eina_promises.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-25csharp: Calling ConfigureAwait on tasks GM.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-25mono: implement dispose method based on dispose patternYeongjong Lee
2019-10-24csharp: Returning only method name iwrapper.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-24eina_mono: re-throw exception to preserve stack detailsYeongjong Lee
2019-10-24eina_mono: Initialize UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION inlineYeongjong Lee
2019-10-24csharp: Add since information to EoWrapper.csLauro Moura
2019-10-24mono: merge namespaces in manual bindingsYeongjong Lee
2019-10-24cxx: Add license to CXX bindings.Felipe Magno de Almeida
2019-10-24csharp: Add licensing information.Lauro Moura
2019-10-17mono: encapsulate invoke methodYeongjong Lee
2019-10-17csharp: updating eldbus_message doc and hide api.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-10-17csharp: updating eldbus_proxy doc and hide api.Bruno da Silva Belo