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* Eet example: Add the correct variable in the hash.Guilherme Iscaro2016-10-101-1/+1
* examples: add DESTDIR support for install.Cedric BAIL2016-04-141-3/+3
* eet_example: Fixing memory leak.Srivardhan Hebbar2015-09-081-4/+0
* build: Unify use of $(MKDIR_P) for creating a dir within the build systemStefan Schmidt2015-02-251-1/+1
* examples: Removed compilation warnings.Savio Sena2014-07-181-10/+10
* autotools: Fixed 'make examples' and 'make examples-install'Savio Sena2014-07-021-1/+1
* efl: remove some warnings.Savio Sena2014-05-241-3/+6
* examples: remove unused variables and labelVincent Torri2014-01-101-4/+0
* examples: remove unused param warningsVincent Torri2014-01-101-3/+3
* eet: Adding EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_MAPPING_BASIC to add a basic type to a un...Christophe Sadoine2013-11-041-2/+96
* Split .gitignore into multiple filesEduardo Lima (Etrunko)2013-06-111-0/+7
* fix examples makefiles to find Efl_Config.hCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2013-04-251-0/+1
* efl: add makefile.examples to each libRicardo de Almeida Gonzaga2013-02-082-2/+26
* efl: add and fix some gcc lines and fix some examples. Its not possible to bu...Ricardo de Almeida Gonzaga2013-02-087-18/+19
* efl: distcheck will run tests and compile all examples.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri2013-01-051-0/+4
* efl: refactor CFLAGS, LIBS, LIBADD and LDADD usage.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri2012-12-311-7/+7
* merge: add evas tests and examplesVincent Torri2012-11-141-3/+4
* and more include dir fixes.Carsten Haitzler2012-09-271-2/+2
* make make examples work with dso linking unhappiness.Carsten Haitzler2012-09-271-4/+4
* merge: clean generated examplesVincent Torri2012-09-251-0/+3
* merge: minor fixVincent Torri2012-09-251-3/+5
* merge: "fix" distcheckVincent Torri2012-09-171-2/+0
* merge: add eetVincent Torri2012-09-178-0/+2305