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2014-05-10eolian-cxx: remove annoying compilation warnings and messagesSavio Sena
2014-05-09examples: fix eolian_cxx to work with --with-eolian-cxx.Savio Sena
2014-05-07eolian_cxx: fix install-examples and (post-install) compilation.Savio Sena
2014-05-07eolian_cxx: fix compilation of examples out-of-treeFelipe Magno de Almeida
2014-05-06examples: Fix install for eolian_cxx examplesStefan Schmidt
2014-05-05eolian-cxx: Fixed the generation .eo.h path.Savio Sena
2014-05-03eolian_cxx: initial version of the EFL C++ Bindings Generator.Savio Sena