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2021-03-28ecore evas ews - deprecate/removeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-10-08Evil : move mkstemp(s) and mkdtemp in eina_file directlyVincent Torri
2020-10-03singularize srand in eina_init - only once in one placeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-09-01eldbus: use the const macros we haveMarcel Hollerbach
2020-08-25tests - evas vg - use proper enuams for evas vg api - warn fixCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-08-25tests - evas vg - use evas enumas not efl ui - warn fixCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-08-13evas examples: remove unecessary beta tag.Hermet Park
2020-07-16edje example - dont leak textCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-06-23Get rid of trailing whitespaces (2 / 14)Elyes HAOUAS
2020-05-30evas examples - build box example again - missing headerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-05-30evas - examples - evas box fix path to png fileCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-05-29Support WebP Animation Image FilesTaehyub Kim
2020-05-27refactor buildMarcel Hollerbach
2020-05-12examples: resolve float compare warningsMike Blumenkrantz
2020-05-07Use __func__ C99 identifier instead of __FUNCTION__ compiler extensionVincent Torri
2020-05-04examples: cxx: remove forced warning on unfinished APIsStefan Schmidt
2020-04-17ecore - examples - fix gnutls fd handler example warningsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-03-24doxygen docs: Fix warnings in Ecore_Evas.hXavi Artigas
2020-03-17canvas3d: remove canvas3d examples.Hermet Park
2020-01-30ecore_con: remove use of list<> from Efl.Net.Cedric BAIL
2020-01-23efl_ui_spotlight: rename Stack_Manager to Fade_ManagerJaehyun Cho
2020-01-23efl_ui_spotlight: rename Manager_XXX and Indicator_XXXJaehyun Cho
2020-01-20efl_canvas_animation: rename Animation_XXX to XXX_AnimationJaehyun Cho
2020-01-03Example: Add efl_canvas_textblock_obstacles exampleabdulleh Ghujeh
2019-12-24examples: js: use correct var to display user nameStefan Schmidt
2019-12-24examples: js: make sure we declare all variablesStefan Schmidt
2019-12-24examples: js: ensure we finish all statements with a semicolonStefan Schmidt rename methods/properties and add text_ prefixali
2019-12-17examples: js: fix variable nameStefan Schmidt
2019-12-12efl_ui: cleanup elm headersYeongjong Lee
2019-12-11efl.ui.text: rename to efl.ui.textboxAli Alzyod
2019-12-10Example: enhance efl-canvas-vg-simpleJunsuChoi
2019-12-10efl_ui_text_editable: remove classAli Alzyod
2019-12-09elocation: remove beta libraryStefan Schmidt
2019-12-09Efl.Ui.Text : all related interfacesali
2019-12-06Example: Add efl-cavnas-vg-simple for unified APIJunsuChoi
2019-12-04elementary: small improvement on example migrating them to newer unified API.Cedric BAIL
2019-12-04Efl.Canvas.Animation: Rename repeat_count to play_countXavi Artigas
2019-11-29here comes a new exampleMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-28Polish text interface methodsAli Alzyod
2019-11-25efl_ui_multi_selectable: clean this upMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-20evas: migrate the vg json exampleMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-20introduce efl_canvas_object_animationMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-18Revert "evas: migrate the vg json example"Hermet Park
2019-11-18evas: migrate the vg json exampleMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-15examples: efl_exe: fix out of bounds writeStefan Schmidt
2019-11-12efl_ui_relative_container: rename relative_layoutYeongjong Lee
2019-10-24cxx: Add license to CXX bindings.Felipe Magno de Almeida
2019-10-24csharp: Add licensing information.Lauro Moura
2019-10-24examples/efl_thread: fix oob writesMike Blumenkrantz