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2018-05-01ecore: move close_on_destructor to close_on_invalidate as that describe the b...Cedric BAIL
2018-05-01ecore_con: migrate efl_net_ip_address_resolve to use Eina_Future.Cedric BAIL
2018-05-01ecore_con: if we rely on parent lifecycle for automatic destruction, do not c...Cedric BAIL
2018-05-01ecore_con: expose proper DBG macro with ecore_con log domain.Cedric BAIL
2018-05-01ecore_con: legacy API do not expect object to be destroyed under our feet in ...Cedric BAIL
2018-05-01ecore_con: make the ecore_con log domain available during ecore_shutdown.Cedric BAIL
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Socket_* (from Efl.Net.Socket.*)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Server_* (from Efl.Net.Server.*)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Dialer_* (from Efl.Net.Dialer.*)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Loop_* (from Efl.Loop.*)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Socket.Ssl_Error.* (from Efl.Net.Socket.Ssl.Error.*)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Server.Udp_Client (from Efl.Net.Server.Udp.Client)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Dialer_*_ (from Efl.Net.Dialer_*.)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Control.Technology_Type (from Efl.Net.Control.Technology.Type)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Control.Agent_Request_Input_* (from Efl.Net.Control.Agent_Request_Inp...Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point_* (from Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point.*)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Net.Control.Manager (from Efl.Net.Control)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24Efl.Io.*_Fd (from Efl.Io.*.Fd)Xavi Artigas
2018-04-24ecore con - fix constness in eo api to match eo/eolian changesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-04-20ecore_con: remove unused codeBowon Ryu
2018-04-20efl_net_control_access_point-connman: Fix build warningJaehyun Cho
2018-04-20efl_net_control_access_point-connman: Remove unused codeJaehyun Cho
2018-04-17ecore_con: Fix buildDerek Foreman
2018-04-17eolian gen: enable constness generation on property getter implsDaniel Kolesa
2018-04-05ecore_con: resolve the possible read of uninitalized data.Hermet Park
2018-04-05ecore_con: resolve the possible read of uninitialized data.Hermet Park
2018-03-29efl_add_ref - fis to use efl_add properly with a parent.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-03-27ecore-con-eet: replace void_ptr usage with binbuf in eo apiMike Blumenkrantz
2018-03-27eolian: validate each class with its own unit's in mind onlyDaniel Kolesa
2018-03-26ecore_con_url: implement transfer speed limitation optionsArnaud Ferraris
2018-03-20efl: replace efl_del with efl_unref for cases where no parent existsCedric BAIL
2018-03-20efl: use efl_add_ref to create objects which have no parentCedric BAIL
2018-03-03Revert "cxx: Fix manual code after efl_app change."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-02-26efl: create Efl.App class, the parent of Efl.LoopMike Blumenkrantz
2018-02-17ecore: use new bs static libMarcel Hollerbach
2018-02-15efl-net: rename conflicting "name" propertiesMike Blumenkrantz
2018-01-25ecore_con: missed compiler warning.Cedric BAIL
2018-01-25ecore_con: restore ability for negative port on local connection.Cedric BAIL
2018-01-26ecore-con pass port into err printCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-01-26ecore_con - give error output if port num is invalidCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-01-25ecore_con: Check for the valid port numberMyoungwoon Roy, Kim
2018-01-18all: Simplify definition of EAPIVincent Torri
2018-01-03ecore_con: we should just stop using ecore_main_loop_get.Cedric BAIL
2018-01-02efl loop - rename ecore_main_loop_get to efl_main_loop_getCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-12-31Fix and simpligy windows behaviour.Andy Williams
2017-12-20docs: Update ecore_con eo files for grammar and readabilityAndy Williams
2017-12-20ecore_con: bug workaround SO_REUSEADDR and EADDRINUSE from bind (fix)Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-12-18ecore_con: Make sure the proxy helper is validJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-18ecore_con: Properly shutdown and unregister log domainJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-18ecore_con: Always get the loop on initJean-Philippe Andre